Marketing Technology

Many consumers understand how companies use their personal data, but according to a recent study, not everyone is comfortable with it.

Research from Confiant shows that raising price floors isn’t a panacea for ad buyers hoping to avoid fraud.

Adam Soroca, head of the global buyer team at Rubicon Project, spoke about how advertisers use bid shading to mitigate the difference in prices between different types of programmatic auctions.

Web browsers, Facebook and the GDPR have each done their part to make third-party data less appealing.

Consumers are monitoring their data since GDPR went live, but few perceive any change in how brands interact with them.

Ted Dhanik, CEO and co-founder of ad tech firm engage:BDR, spoke about how publishers can use cryptocurrencies to get paid faster.

Nearly half of the retail professionals worldwide surveyed by SLI Systems in H1 2018 said they plan to add personalization to their ecommerce efforts within a year.

Since the GDPR became enforceable, the number of third-party cookies found on news websites in Europe declined by 22%, according to Reuters Institute.

Campaign data can be reused to target ads, but its usefulness doesn't last too long.

New data regulations are leading UK internet users to ask tech platforms to remove their personal data.

So far, targeting and audience segmenting are among the most common uses for the emerging technology.

A few particular categories are most susceptible to new regulations, like behavioral targeting.

Several states, including California, are adopting their own protections for internet users.

Although it receives constant buzz, there are a few reasons why blockchain isn't widely adopted yet.

Rune Werliin, vice president of marketing and professional services at AudienceProject, talks about what publishers can do to persuade ad blocker users to switch off their software.

Advertisers agree that ensuring brand safety is a perennial problem, but there isn’t a consensus on who is most responsible for it.

Scott Rosenberg, Roku’s senior vice president and general manager of platform, spoke about how the digital video company approaches programmatic ad selling.

Marketers are invested in accurately identifying their target audiences, but they often miss the mark.

Getting AI products to operate correctly takes a lot more effort than just flipping a switch and letting a machine do the work.