Marketing Technology

Are Second Screens Distracting TV Viewers?

Marketers say that users’ fragmented media consumption is disrupting their TV advertising approach.

Customer experience has become one of the biggest areas of business focus across industries. One way that adds value to a consumer’s shopping journey is authentic, tailored content. eMarketer has curated this Roundup of articles, insights and interviews to zero in on the trends affecting content marketing today—from creation and personalization to brand safety and more.

Why Many B2B Marketers Struggle With CRM Integrations

In a survey of 250 US B2B sales and marketing professionals, about four in 10 respondents said they are novices or beginners when it comes to integrating data into their CRM systems.

Advertisers Get Annoyed By Ads Too

Ad professionals block ads at similar rates to the rest of the population.

Not Everyone Wants to Share Their Data in Exchange for Personalization

Many consumers understand how companies use their personal data, but according to a recent study, not everyone is comfortable with it.

Why Marketers Use AI for Audience Targeting

So far, targeting and audience segmenting are among the most common uses for the emerging technology.

What Types of Data Will GDPR Impact Most?

A few particular categories are most susceptible to new regulations, like behavioral targeting.

Some Marketers Are Cutting Back on Third-Party Data

Web browsers, Facebook and the GDPR have each done their part to make third-party data less appealing.

What Is Blockchain's Biggest Barrier?

Although it receives constant buzz, there are a few reasons why blockchain isn't widely adopted yet.

Why Mozilla Is Purging Ad Trackers

Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO of Mozilla, spoke about the need for a faster and cleaner browsing experience.

Late Payments in the Ad Tech Space Are Increasingly Common

Financial intermediary Oarex Capital Markets analyzed more than 10,000 invoices from its clients—publishers, ad tech vendors and agencies—and found that over the past year, 55% of payments came late.

Five Charts: Yes, the GDPR Is Shaking Up Digital Marketing

Since it became enforceable on May 25, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has become a legal headache for marketers, led some publishers to turn off open exchanges and even caused several vendors to pivot their business models.

How RTB 3.0 Will Change Ad Tech

Jim Butler, co-chair of the IAB Tech Lab OpenRTB Working Group, spoke about how a new spec will bring more clarity to programmatic bidding.

Marketers’ Roundtable: How Four Brands Use Data to Increase Email Open Rates and Engagement

From personalized messaging to list health to mobile design, four brand marketers discuss how they are navigating email marketing in 2018.

How Cheap Are Fraudulent Ad Impressions?

Research from Confiant shows that raising price floors isn’t a panacea for ad buyers hoping to avoid fraud.

How Bid Shading Is Changing Programmatic Auctions

Adam Soroca, head of the global buyer team at Rubicon Project, spoke about how advertisers use bid shading to mitigate the difference in prices between different types of programmatic auctions.

What's Next for Net Neutrality?

Several states, including California, are adopting their own protections for internet users.

The GDPR Hasn't Affected People's Experience with Brands

Consumers are monitoring their data since GDPR went live, but few perceive any change in how brands interact with them.