Retail & Ecommerce

US teens are spending more, but their budget remains limited: Nike, Ulta, and Shein are among the cohort’s favorite retailers, per a new survey.

Block’s Jack Dorsey announced three new services at the Bitcoin 2022 conference aimed at streamlining Bitcoin investing and purchasing.

Kroger looks to restaurants and retail partnerships to drive growth: As grocery margins shrink, the retailer enters the restaurant supply business and launches an ecommerce partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond.

A number of economic headwinds threaten to pummel retailers: The war in Ukraine, continued supply chain bottlenecks, and rising inflation are increasing the risk of recession.

Inflation isn’t stopping consumers from buying premium brands: Levi’s and Birkenstocks are some of the companies leveraging their brand equity to raise prices and secure favorable retail partnerships.

Roderick Morris co-founded Lovevery to provide parents with a subscription-based model of toys that evolve with children as they develop. He spoke with Insider Intelligence about expanding the subscription business internationally, providing parents with proper data to make purchasing decisions for their children, and more.

2022 stands to be a record year for weddings: Retailers that cater to the growing number of couples planning to tie the knot this year should generate strong gains.

Bolt acquired crypto startup Wyre Payments to help it stand out in the highly competitive one-click checkout space.

Influencer payouts on social media are fickle, but creators have little choice: Instagram and others are getting criticized for opaque monetization rules.

Amazon faces investigation into use of third-party seller data: As the SEC looks into Amazon business practices, Congress asks the DOJ to investigate the company for obstruction, which could heighten regulatory pressure on Big Tech.

Some banks want to enable Zelle at big merchants, potentially to prepare for open banking disruption.