Retail & Ecommerce

Many digital buyers are massively tilting towards plastic cards for their preferred payment method. An October 2015 survey found that nearly half favor Visa.

Deepak Ravindran, founder and CEO of hyperlocal ecommerce app Lookup, discusses the unique character of commerce in India, and how messaging apps might be the future of ecommerce.

Two in three UK internet users are comfortable with biometric identification when digitally banking, according to a January 2016 report. But for many other purposes, such a protocol may seem too invasive.

Virtually all internet users in Great Britain are worried about their digital privacy—but most also think they know what to do to protect themselves.

Ankit Shah, managing director and partner at Dopamine, a gamified-experience agency, explains how gamification can help retailers spice up their loyalty programs.

Retailers offer consumers a variety of shipping options to meet their needs. According to September 2015 research, ship to store is the most common worldwide.

Marketers are constantly looking to better understand consumers and ultimately deliver an engaging experience. According to Q4 2015 research, many executives are using revenue metrics to measure the success of customer efforts.

Mark Taylor, senior vice president of digital customer experience at business and technology consulting company Capgemini, talks about how consumers' expectations have changed and how marketers can create a compelling loyalty experience.

Katie Casavant, CEO of Kantar Shopcom, the data-integration and analytics platform at Kantar Retail, talks about the ways retailers can meet consumers' heightened expectations.

Zach Woith, vice president of loyalty strategy at service provider 500friends, discusses why customers stop using loyalty programs and what marketers can do to keep them engaged.

Internet users who are increasingly educated about personal information use and security issues are also increasingly wary of companies holding that information. But a January 2016 report reveals some ways companies can earn the trust of UK internet users.

For some consumers, the mobile screen is too small for frequently purchasing. Indeed, many mobile device users worldwide would prefer to use a PC instead.<

Custom-designed packaging can drive repeat purchases, according to January 2016 research. In fact, more than half of US digital buyers believe it makes a product more valuable.

Benji Shomair, director of product marketing for Pages at Facebook, discusses recent moves to make Messenger and Pages more effective tools for commerce.

Understanding consumers and delivering an engaging experience is important to marketers, especially those that want to boost brand perception. According to October 2015 research, improving the customer experience is what primarily keeps CMOs and marketing leaders up at night.

Nearly three-quarters of retailers worldwide said they wanted their apps to offer payment security. Preventing fraud is more important for retailers than seamless ordering capabilities.

While more than half of US retail decision-makers fully believe retailers provide a consistent customer experience across all channels, just over a quarter of US shoppers feel the same way, according to December 2015 research.

Gabe Weiss, director and strategy lead at digital agency SapientNitro, explains what a successful retail app should offer and how retailers such as Target and Sephora are offering additional features that members want.

Much of the consumer car rental business has already moved online, especially in countries with advanced digital habits. Now there's evidence that in Germany, for example, people are also using the internet in their millions to research and buy new and secondhand vehicles.

The vast majority of women in Japan who have a new baby or toddler buy baby items online at least sometimes—but according to 2015 research, they’re also still heavily reliant on offline purchase channels.