Artificial Intelligence

A Google researcher helps crack the million-word AI prompt code: Researchers develop an AI processing advancement that could revolutionize AI’s capabilities, though real-world application is uncertain.

Advertising Week redefines representation: From diverse panels to strategic collaborations, inclusivity is both ethically and commercially prioritized.

Google’s Bard chatbot makes false claim about the Israel-Hamas war: It’s an example of what a group of Googlers are concerned about regarding the company’s genAI direction.

Brands, social platforms, and creators seek the right balance in AI rush: Creators eye opportunities as well as risks for sponsored content.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss why shopping on Amazon is changing, the proposal of ad-free TikTok and Instagram subscriptions, how much Amazon's AI chatbot shopping assistant can move the needle for customers, whether Toys-R-Us can make a successful comeback, the share of women in leadership roles and more. Tune in to the discussion with our vice president of content Suzy Davidkhanian and analysts Blake Droesch and Paul Verna.

Firefly AI rivals DALL-E and Midjourney but solves the copyright problem by using Adobe’s vast asset library. AI inclusion could boost Adobe subscriptions.

ChatGPT API to get major changes in November: OpenAI will improve its API offering amid an evolving AI landscape. It could help counter the open-source threat.

AI is CEOs’ top priority, not workers: AI-skilled workers are scarce, and a lack of investment in the human workforce won’t bridge the gap. A nuanced adoption approach is needed.

Microsoft releases an AI Health Bot: Healthcare could be a pivotal industry for AI companies struggling to turn a profit on the technology. Maintaining privacy and security are paramount.

Its Snapdragon X processors may revolutionize genAI-enabled Windows PCs. Qualcomm is diversifying its interests amid declining smartphone market revenue.

Google’s win over Sonos is a win for Nest users: A court victory over a patent infringement lawsuit showcases how tech legal battles can impede the ability to meet consumer needs.

Samsung’s profits get hammered again: Smartphone and laptop sales aren’t picking up amid a memory chip glut. Samsung has the right foundation to invest in chips to rival Nvidia’s.

PC sales decline prompts Dell, HP, and Lenovo to develop AI-enabled PCs, potentially accelerating upgrade cycles while cashing in on the AI frenzy.

Tech giants are losing money on AI: High costs mean scalability and profitability challenges that could restrain the AI race. Powerful, low-power-consumption AI chips are a solution.

Google Cloud releases AI tool for healthcare industry: It promises efficient data retrieval for busy clinicians while raising concerns about data privacy and the necessity of vigilant fact-checking.

Apple faces hurdles with its premium mixed-reality headset while Meta scrambles to counter with its own next-gen Quest to maintain its leadership position.

US advertising sector added 3,000 jobs last month: Reflecting a broader resilient US labor market despite global challenges.

Meta pays big bucks for star-powered AI: It’s spending millions to craft AI personas of celebrities as a way to attract users. It’s also gaining a reputation it might regret.

Whether a virtual assistant gets a human name or a less personal descriptive label, it’s still promoting the financial institution’s image and branding.

The need for AI-capable servers presents an attractive opportunity to shift away from PCs and their lagging sales. GPU supplies remain a choke point for expansion.