Artificial Intelligence

Top Biden science advisors called for an AI bill of rights that would create ethical standards around AI tools, limiting discrimination and privacy violations.

The headquarters relocation serves as a capstone to several years of Tesla investment in the state.

Is AI-powered cancer diagnostics mainstreaming? A Memorial Sloan Kettering spinout got the FDA nod for its cancer-detecting AI tool, and NYU Langone’s study results boast the efficacy of a similar tool—more fuel for healthcare stakeholders investing in AI for cancer diagnostics.

Tesla may need to expand eye-tracking tech for inattentive Autopilot drivers: A new study may confirm that Autopilot users aren’t paying enough attention to the road—which compounds scrutiny the automaker is already facing amid plans to expand its driverless features.

A UN mortaroum request highlights the level of unease over certain AI tech. Doing so could threaten innovation in the US

A unified US AI strategy could accelerate innovation beyond core regions: So far, the Bay Area and early-adopting metro areas make up the majority of AI uptake in the US, per a new report.

BCIs may one day mesh with AVs—when the tech and the public are both ready: Mercedes recently showed off an autonomous concept car whose operator uses a BCI helmet to set destinations and control in-car features with their mind.

We spoke with Jürgen Galler, co-founder and CEO at data management platform 1plusX, about how the use of AI by publishers can help them traverse these challenges.

Facebook’s new in-house chip could improve its content recommendation and video tools: The rumored machine learning chip could be used to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

The retail industry is struggling with personalization: A Talkdesk study revealed less than 1 in 3 retailers are using AI tools, but 55% plan to increase investment in this area.