Artificial Intelligence

Meta’s data center cancellation could hint at AI pivot: The sudden surge of interest in generative AI and its applications could be the outlet Meta needs to generate profit while it mulls its metaverse opportunities.

Legal tech startups are having a stellar year: DoNotPay is one of many startups harnessing AI as legal assistants. Its consumer advocacy “robot lawyer” could face friction with corporate bots.

Will Google unveil a ChatGPT rival in 2023? After ChatGPT’s debut, all eyes are on Google. The tech giant’s leaders are aware of AI’s risks, and startups should be too.

ChatGPT is more than just hype: While it’s not yet smart enough to replace Google, it has immediate applicability to a number of roles and disciplines.

Interoperability standard Matter could be a boon for advertisers: We share a snapshot from our recent report on how the long-awaited protocol is creating a new blueprint for marketers to reach consumers.

Walmart’s visual search feature has some kinks to iron out: The retailer would be better served continuing its investments in AR try-on and 3D-visualization, like Nordstrom has done.

Is ChatGPT coming for Alphabet’s bottom line? OpenAI’s publicly available AI chatbot is fascinating internet users, prompting warnings about Google’s future revenue. But there are barriers to the disruption taking effect.

AI chatbot ChatGPT and digital portrait generator Lensa have seen a lot of hype over the last couple of weeks. There’s every chance their buzz is a passing fad. What’s not a passing fad? The use of generative AI in marketing, which will increase significantly over the next few years.

The dark side of Lensa: The popular app collects user images to create highly polished digital avatars, but there are serious concerns on privacy, copyright infringement, and the creation of NSFW content.

Retailers are increasingly turning to robotics to enhance their operations: No longer just for early adopters like Amazon, automation is taking retail by storm, from the warehouse and the fulfillment center to the cashier.

US chip production accelerated by uncertainty in China: TSMC is fast-tracking plans to ramp up to 4-nanometer chips and will build an additional fab in Arizona. The tech gap between the US and China widens.

Amazon’s nutrition labels for AI: Aiming to prevent the misuse of its cloud and AI products, Amazon will publish warnings on the limitations of its technology. Labels could limit adoption but insulate Amazon from ethics backlash.

Google Assistant is the most popular voice assistant in the US, followed by Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, per our estimates. Come 2024, 88.8 million people will use Google Assistant, 84.2 million will use Siri, and 75.6 million will use Alexa.

Have smart speakers peaked? Amazon’s Alexa team has been hit by layoffs, Apple can’t get HomePod sales to soar, and Google can’t find ways to serve ads on its speakers, indicating the segment could be fading.

Google has a secret workforce disruption plan: As Big Tech trims its workforce, Google is investing in a moonshot project that could make it less reliant on human tech talent.

‘Copilot for lawyers’ could wind up in a courtroom: Harvey is using AI to make lawyers’ jobs easier. As AI takes on professionals’ work, it could have its own legal troubles.

Nvidia’s generative AI pivot: Its expertise in GPUs and imaging software gives Nvidia a first-mover advantage over other chipmakers. Will regulation and copyright law catch up with innovation?

It’s Amazon’s turn to cut jobs: Amazon comes to terms with economic realities, cutting 1% of its workforce to better prepare for Q4 headwinds, uncertainty, and earnings slowdowns, which could lead to further layoffs in 2023.

AI’s ‘Napster’ moment, but much bigger: The frenzy around generative AI’s abilities has triggered the first lawsuit claiming copyright infringement by Microsoft and OpenAI. The outcome could have global ramifications.

AI art creating a monster: The tech industry has been searching for new products that hook consumers. It’s likely struck gold with AI art, but there will be major repercussions.