Artificial Intelligence

Generative AI’s future hinges on legal battles: With Getty Images and others suing AI companies for theft, advertisers would be wise to stay away from the tech.

Industries ignore AI warning label: Voices of dissent over speedy generative AI deployment are getting louder but may be drowned out by promises of lucrative returns. Risks are mounting.

The jack of all chatbots: Quora’s Poe grants users access to multiple leading chatbots. It has the potential to be popular but also comes with content moderation vulnerability on multiple fronts.

Google seeks ethical high ground: Under pressure from Microsoft’s bullish generative AI investments, the search giant seeks to cling to its ethics goals through its Anthropic deal.

Adversarial relationship with China is bad for tech: Retaliation by Beijing shouldn’t surprise us as Biden eyes more tech sanctions and a US general starts preparing for war.

Alphabet leans on DeepMind for AI support: Google is scrambling to please investors and keep pace with Microsoft’s generative AI ambitions, but sacrificing safeguards might be a mistake longer term.

Year of the chatbot: Google’s Apprentice Bard is among many chatbots we’ll see released by the tech industry this year. Investors are excited, but performance and monetization are market hurdles.

In a saturated market and during a cost-of-living crisis, the investing app may struggle to win new customers.

China looms large for US, EU AI regulation: A first-of-its-kind transatlantic deal to deploy AI for vital industries shows there’s more political appetite to accelerate AI than to regulate it.

China to get its own ChatGPT: Baidu is planning to release an AI chatbot for its search engine. But errors, censorship by Beijing, and difficulties with monetization could pose trouble.

Text-to-design is the next big thing in AI: ChatGPT is all the rage, but expect to see more-advanced AI chatbots soon. Meanwhile, text-to-code will be bad for software developers.

Dazzled, dazed, and confused by ChatGPT: Its creators were unsure about releasing a technology they’re now warning about as adoption skyrockets. Legislators respond to alarm bells with mixed messages.

Microsoft aims to claim king of Big Tech status: The tech giant’s revenue miss helped pull down cloud sector shares. Its big bet on AI could become a cautionary tale.

Shutterstock jumps on AI bandwagon with generative image tool: But considering investment in the technology, it maybecome table stakes faster than anyone predicted.

AI as muse or job killer? ChatGPT isn’t yet commercialized but is demonstrating its potential to rock the economy. The tech will affect white-collar jobs but won’t eliminate them—yet.

How chatbots can increase patient engagement: A research study by AllianceChicago shows how personalized messages boosted well-child visits and immunizations among minority patients.

Google and Microsoft’s game-changing developments: US seeks to break up search giant’s online business, and software heavyweight ups the AI ante as profit falls.