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Disney says AI could make QR-code shoppable marketing obsolete: At a TV advertising event, Disney and YouTube shared how AI has already changed their strategies.

ChatGPT may have all of the buzz when it comes to AI platforms, but marketing technology and platforms are quickly catching up by adding a host of AI features to their systems. For starters, Adobe unveiled “Generative Fill” in Photoshop last week, a feature that uses AI to extend the canvas of your design, fill in backgrounds, and more. Meanwhile, Acquia unveiled a chatbot within its digital asset management platform.

The 15 biggest US ecommerce players aren’t a surprise (here’s looking at you, Amazon, Walmart, and Apple). User-friendly mobile apps, quick delivery, innovation, and converting sales are what turn retailers into ecommerce powerhouses. Here are the companies our analysts believe best exemplify those features within the 15 largest ecommerce players.

Citing constitutional violations and hindrance to user-generated content dissemination, any outcome may affect tech regulation across states and digital ecosystems.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced it would use the same plug-in standards as OpenAI, meaning plug-ins can work across ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Microsoft 365 Copilot. Microsoft is focusing on plug-ins as the future of its OpenAI partnership, and for good reason.

The LGBTQ+ bank’s demise highlights the risks of challengers stunting their growth by targeting a too-narrow demographic.

Streaming shake up: Paramount+ integrates with Showtime, while HBO Max drops ‘HBO’ and transforms into Max, introducing Discovery+ programming.

Beyond having to pay the largest GDPR fine, Facebook risks discontinuing its services in the EU, where it has 255 million users.

Step one: Make sure you have the right data, said Chris Penn, co-founder and chief data scientist at Trust Insights. Also important is bringing in an attribution model to ensure a complete view of which marketing efforts are moving the needle. Lastly, be careful who you partner with—they may not be giving you the full story.

More than half (53%) of US TV advertisers say a lack of common metrics is a challenge to integrating linear and digital campaign data, according to Yahoo Advertising. Creating a holistic framework and navigating walled gardens’ data-sharing rules are hurdles for about 40% of TV advertisers each.

ChatGPT makes up information. When it comes to assessing brand strength, these so-called “hallucinations” can be a tool for evaluating what brand associations really are. And those same hallucinations can be fed back into ChatGPT to generate customer profiles, marketing copy, and even new products. Here’s how.

Nearly half (49.0%) of advertisers worldwide believe that activating their own first-party data is the most promising solution to cookie deprecation, according to DoubleVerify. However, only 16.6% of publishers say the same of this solution. Publishers’ top choice for replacing cookie-dependent tools is publisher first-party data activation, chosen as a promising solution by just 27.1% of advertisers.

AI is already changing ad creation. While the tech can create email and social campaigns, there are a number of risks associated with misinformation and brand safety. With generative AI, we can expect to see strong brands grow even stronger—if they can navigate copycats, quality assurance, and apprehensive consumers. Here are six predictions from experts at the “BrXnd: Marketing X AI” conference in New York City.

Retailers and consumers disagree on priorities: A new study finds that retailers’ top goal is to improve customer service, while consumers care most about being rewarded for loyalty.

On today’s episode, host Bill Fisher is joined by analysts Paul Briggs, Evelyn Mitchell, and Carina Perkins to discuss the global state of data protection five years on from the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and what lies ahead as regulators get to grips with the rapidly evolving AI space.

Coca-Cola helps usher in an era of generative AI advertising: The brand recently told marketers that it believes AI is much more effective than Web3.

Fintechs like Bitpanda and Public are exploring how AI can help them offer personalized investment advice and analysis to boost engagement.

Marketer use of text messaging is on upswing: Despite its imperfections, data suggests the underused channel could help brands boost engagement.

The company's plan to pause 5G network construction could impact cell tower leasing and potentially slow overall 5G adoption.

Microsoft assures advertisers that AI won’t change the business: Early ad formats and channels mimic existing ones, but it’s far from a permanent solution.