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Business Insider Intelligence research analyst Daniel Keyes, eMarketer principal analyst Andrew Lipsman, and senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Cindy Liu discuss the biggest takeaways from how Thanksgiving holiday shopping went this year. They then talk about the best ways brands can reach female holiday shoppers during the pandemic and how Walmart and Target performed in Q3.

Growth in spending on Amazon ads during the Cyber Five promotional period was lower than it was in 2019, likely as a result of the overall drag in ecommerce sales.

The pandemic has shifted the grocery landscape this year, accelerating digital groceries faster than we previously anticipated. Kroger—who’s digital investments over the years have helped the company navigate amid the pandemic—will see its ecommerce sales surpass $11 billion this year, growing over 79% in 2020.

eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver, junior analyst Blake Droesch, vice president of content studio Paul Verna, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Sara M. Watson discuss how social media might (actually) be regulated, social commerce, the ceiling for Disney+, Snapchat rolling out TikTok competitor "Spotlight," Spotify testing Snapchat-like Stories, Facebook paying UK publishers for news in 2021, why you should never trust a raven, and more.

Walgreens joins other retailers in launching a retail media network to capitalize on the growth of ecommerce channel ad spending, which will increase 38.8% this year to $17.37 billion.

Business Insider Intelligence research analyst Daniel Keyes and eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman discuss what shopping will look like next year: How quickly shoppers will return to stores, which brick-and-mortar stores will be left, and what the most popular payment methods will be. They then talk about consumers losing patience with Peloton, what shoppers want from returns experiences, and Facebook's new live in-app shopping feature.

Best Buy and Target will more than double their ecommerce sales this year, as they have proven that using brick-and-mortars for online order fulfillment is a successful tactic.

Facebook’s acquisition of customer service platform Kustomer could provide businesses with more data and help build consumer confidence as social commerce slowly gains traction.

Consumers are always on the hunt for a great deal, and that’s even more true because of the pandemic—especially if it yields a serious recession. Knowing that value is top-of-mind for many, General Mills recently launched a national rebates program that lets shoppers receive cash back to their PayPal account by submitting an itemized receipt via the app.