eMarketer forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom and principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman, Andrew Lipsman, and Nicole Perrin discuss some very specific predictions for 2021: new leadership at Facebook, Amazon shops for a TV network and movie theaters, streaming services team up, and more.

We recapped five digital trends that will take place next year: how Big Tech will be reined in, despite not breaking up in the immediate future; why a federal privacy law will likely pass; how a retail media trio—made up of Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart—will challenge the duopoly; how advertisers will test new targeting and measurement techniques; and, how first party data will reign. Here are five other trends we think will happen in 2021.

Fox's CFO said that the company expects Tubi revenues to surpass those from broadcast networks soon, with ad-supported streaming services seeing growth this year as household budgets tighten.

Apple TV+ will see steady growth in users over the next few years, reaching 18.8 million US users in 2020 as Apple continues to expand its content library.

Following a strong launch in November 2019, Disney+ is on track to surpass $4 billion in US subscription revenues by 2022. In its first full year, Disney+ has grown rapidly, spurred by in-demand content and stay-at-home orders. In fact, the service will help The Walt Disney Co. reach Netflix’s share of the market by 2022, according to the inaugural eMarketer OTT subscription revenue forecast by Insider Intelligence.

With eyes set on an expensive, content-driven future, Disney aims to hit 230 million to 260 million Disney+ subscribers by 2024 and keep fans invested in its worlds of IP.

eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver, junior analyst Blake Droesch, and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna discuss whether WarnerMedia just killed movie theaters, why Salesforce is buying Slack, why Facebook's buying Kustomer, the first few cases of Facebook's Oversight Board, Nielsen readies to change its TV ratings, shopping carts on WhatsApp, how much cash can fit in your pocket at once, and more.

Twitch announced a big update to its community guidelines and content moderation efforts, overhauling its policies surrounding harassment and hateful conduct.

Insider Intelligence and its eMarketer team generate roughly 1,500 forecasts on digital transformation topics every year. These estimates are mainly produced on an annual basis, with several of the highest-profile metrics reassessed one additional time during the year.

US media buyers and sellers said digital video, OTT, and connected TV (CTV) will be their highest priorities in 2021, driven by high viewership during the pandemic and innovations in measurement and targeting.

YouTube is the single biggest source of supply in US CTV advertising. The digital video platform’s outsize role in the US CTV space is particularly striking given that advertisers can’t access CTV inventory on YouTube on non-Google platforms (e.g., Roku).

Nielsen will roll out a new ratings system that combines linear TV and digital video audience data, a huge boon for marketers as viewership increasingly shifts to digital.

WarnerMedia’s plan to simultaneously release every 2021 Warner Bros. movie on HBO Max and in theaters as part of its shift to focus heavily on streaming, which will also give the company unprecedented audience data.

Disney+ will have nearly 85 million US viewers in 2021, and its low price and regular releases will keep it growing into the future.

eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver, junior analyst Blake Droesch, vice president of content studio Paul Verna, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Sara M. Watson discuss how social media might (actually) be regulated, social commerce, the ceiling for Disney+, Snapchat rolling out TikTok competitor "Spotlight," Spotify testing Snapchat-like Stories, Facebook paying UK publishers for news in 2021, why you should never trust a raven, and more.

OTT: The number of US subscription over-the-top viewers will grow the fastest it’s grown in five years as the pandemic and streaming wars drive viewership—but growth will decelerate significantly again in 2021.

Business Insider Intelligence senior research analyst Audrey Schomer, eMarketer senior analyst Ross Benes, forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom, and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna discuss TV: How are sports audiences changing, and how does that affect pay TV? They then talk about T-Mobile's new skinny TV bundle, Roku's Q3 earnings, and live TV streaming prices.

Shoppable SVOD: NBCUniversal continued its foray into commerce with a streamed shoppable holiday special spinoff of the legacy "Today" program, "Steals & Deals," on Peacock.

eMarketer senior analyst Ross Benes and forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Eric Haggstrom discuss the streaming wars. How significant of a player is Amazon Prime Video, really? Can HBO Max reach 50 million subscribers in five years? How should we assess Apple TV+'s first year, as well as the overall video streaming universe?