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As privacy regulations ramp up, brands across verticals are increasing their focus on premium environments that don’t rely on cookies. In this video, Arity’s Jennifer Gold, director of product marketing, shares why private marketplaces (PMPs) fit the bill by offering access to high quality inventory, programmatic efficiency, brand safety, and transparency.

With a clear understanding of consumers’ preferences and intent, marketers can identify and target the best audiences and effectively activate their campaigns against that behavioral data. In this video, Claritas’ Barney Marvin, senior vice president of digital, shares how audience segmentation can improve the customer experience and increase lifetime value.

Fragmented data and disconnected data sets across channels continue to complicate marketers’ ability to accurately target consumers. In this video, Neustar’s Ryan Engle, vice president, identity solutions, explains why identity resolution is essential to modern data strategies.

Watch this video, featuring Meta’s John Cantarella, vice president, community and scaled partnerships, as he explains how fostering a community can give brands of any size a competitive edge because of how the relationships built over time can be leveraged for engagement and growth. In his role at Meta, Cantarella leads a team that helps leaders, creators, and brands—including Airbnb and Tonal—with their community strategy across Instagram and Facebook.

In this video, Skai’s™ Margo Kahnrose, who, as CMO, leads global marketing for the company, shares why closed, opt-in ecosystems provide high return on ad spend and high engagement. Kahnrose, who has over 15 years of experience in marketing, branding, communications, and lead generation across various enterprise and consumer goods industries, also explains why omnichannel capability, media neutrality, and an efficient, real-time approach to measurement are a must when looking for an advertising technology partner.

In this video, Sam Ngo, director, product marketing at BlueConic, shares how technology brings personalization to life. Ngo, who is responsible for helping customers realize the potential in their first-party data, also shares examples of how famed beer brand Heineken USA approached its data management and analytics decisions. Ngo, who joined BlueConic after spending years at Forrester Research covering the social intelligence space, shows how marketers can achieve personalization to better give consumers the tailored experiences they expect. Watch the video above.

As privacy regulations and third-party cookie deprecation change the digital landscape, brands are seeing poor performance from what were once primary growth channels. Now, in a swing back in time, brands are re-evaluating top-of-the-funnel forms of marketing like TV to drive performance. In this video, Marketing Architects' Angela Voss shares how recent progress in automatic content recognition technology, programmatic buying, and more has helped brand marketers see the impact of TV and the benefits of sticking with it.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, Super Apps in Banking, as our analysts cover the advantages that set the leading competitors for banking super apps apart and what banks of all sizes are doing to prepare for 2022 and beyond.

Learn how first- and third-party data segmentation can improve a brand’s strategy, targeting, and personalization efforts. In this video, Jonathan Drost, senior manager, consulting services at Neustar, a TransUnion company, shares how consistency, precision, and measurement can help marketers deploy the right message, on the right channel, and at the right time to engage with target consumers.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The Era of Uncertainty, as our analysts address key questions about the rapidly shifting landscape for social media, retail and ecommerce, and financial services.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, Marketing in the Metaverse, as our analysts cover facts and figures about the popularity of the metaverse with consumers, as well as statistics regarding metaverse-centric technologies like AR and VR.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, Crypto Payments 2022, as our analysts discuss US crypto payment user growth and global crypto transaction value growth trends, as well as drivers and inhibitors.

Shared electric vehicle company Lime builds brand awareness by demonstrating the value of car alternatives in cities. Hear from Lime’s Carolyn Rosebrough, global head of communications and brand, to learn how its localized marketing approach encourages a greener way to get around.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The Bank in 2025, as we discuss 4 trends reshaping the industry and how banks can thrive in a fast-changing financial services landscape.

Some 58% of marketers and analysts say routine marketing reports are still built on spreadsheets, according to a recent Adverity survey. Harriet Durnford-Smith, CMO of Adverity, shares key results from that research and how automation can solve the challenges of manual data wrangling. Watch this sponsored video, contributed by Adverity.

Consumer centricity is at the core of Kellogg Co.’s marketing. Watch Industry Voices: CMOs Look Ahead with Charisse Hughes, chief brand and advanced analytics officer, to learn how a holistic data approach powers the brand’s engagement, acquisition, and innovation strategies, as well as the importance of communicating a value exchange.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The Payments Ecosystem.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The US Mobile Banking Benchmark, as we discuss top mobile features that customers crave, how demand for these features differs when cut by key segments, and how banks and neobanks are measuring up in meeting customer demand.

Watch the on-demand replay of our webinar, The Evolving Role of the CMO, as we discuss the role and responsibilities of today’s CMOs, why CMOs struggle to deliver value, and how they can rethink their fit within different types of organizations.

Immersive technologies are reimagining what’s possible in the B2B space. Watch Industry Voices: CMOs Look Ahead with Milena Oliveira, senior vice president and CMO, to hear how 3M’s Transportation and Electronics Business Group (TEBG) leverages mixed reality alongside industry expertise to support an integrated customer experience.