The world’s largest car makers are ramping up EV battery production in expectation of soaring demand. Resource scarcity and environmental degradation associated with lithium mining will force firms to rapidly increase battery efficiency and recyclability.

The US auto industry's digital ad spending will rebound completely from 2020's pandemic-propelled losses, allowing for a full recovery in ad spending by the end of 2021.

Executives provided details on how non-Tesla drivers could use the company’s supercharger network to charge EVs. While it may help accelerate EV adoption, the company’s dynamic pricing proposals may end up giving Tesla owners preferential treatment.

GM-backed connected car startup Wejo partnered with Microsoft and Palantir to improve its ability to store and analyze data. As connected cars take over roads, processing their treasure troves of data will be increasingly important.

New NHTSA rules would require carmakers to report crashes involving driverless cars or advanced driver assistance systems. Though some supporters claim rigid rules could hinder innovation, regulations will be needed to convince consumers of AV’s safety.

The automaker acquired Boston Dynamics for $1.1B and is now the owner of Spot, which should help bolster its ambition to make walking cars.