The country is mandating 90 kW chargers and aiming for 150 kW in high-traffic zones. State subsidies for highway chargers show why success of EV adoption requires government involvement.

280,000 Model 3 and Model Y cars might have steering issues. This latest probe stirs concerns about Tesla’s recall readiness and brand image.

China's dominance in legacy chips could disrupt global markets, pressuring Western nations to boost their own production at a time of economic uncertainty.

Porsche is investing $3.3B in battery production and is looking at three countries for a site. The balance of power in the auto industry could shift depending on the location.

General Motors production falters as battery shortages slow EV manufacturing, hindering delivery and expansion plans. Diversifying battery production will help sustain future growth.

Despite increasing competition, Tesla's innovative reputation can sustain it for the short term.

Europe leads EV adoption race: Governments are implementing rules to standardize EV charging to enhance infrastructure, payment systems, and reliability. This hands-on approach could be the model for EV adoption.

New vehicle sales grew between 12% and 14% in the first half of 2023: By exceeding analysts’ expectations, the auto sector is providing more evidence that the US economy remains fairly strong.

Ford lays off engineers: The shift to EVs is a heavy lift for traditional automakers who still need workers with the right skills. Corporate training programs might be necessary.

Ford secures a $9.2B loan for US battery production and BYD enters the North American market. Meanwhile, newer EV-only firms scored the lowest in a vehicle quality survey.

As the first carmaker to receive Level 3 authorization, it can now sell or lease cars with automated driving systems. It poses a big challenge for Tesla.

Generous government incentives and a thriving and competitive local EV industry are helping China surpass EV adoption goals.

The iconic Volkswagen bus has been reimagined for the EV age. It could energize new automotive markets and restore VW’s brand reputation.

The collaboration benefits Ford customers, who get access to an expanded charging network, and it also helps Tesla tap into federal funding.

Partnering with local fleet operators bolsters the country’s clean-energy push amid alarming pollution levels. However, insufficient charging infrastructure remains an obstacle.

A $3.6 billion investment can secure the American chipmaker as a key supplier in various Japanese industries for years to come.

Tesla’s embrace of advertising is part of its maturation process: In a significant strategy shift, Elon Musk says the company will buy ads for the first time.

Technology and cloud expertise are becoming hot commodities for automakers increasingly reliant on innovation and cybersecurity to power EV adoption.

Another recall in China tied to braking and acceleration defects presents a significant opportunity for domestic competitors BYD, Xpeng, and Nio to strengthen their market position