As controversy mounts, Lockheed exits deep-sea mining: By selling its UK Seabed Resources subsidiary, Lockheed may have kneecapped the nascent industry. Expect more focus on lunar and asteroid exploration.

US automotive industry saw a 66.8% decrease in TV ad spend: fewer Super Bowl ads contributed, though cheaper ads could attract more dollars in coming months.

Insufficient AV safety testing keeps regulators blind: Autonomous semi-truck manufacturers could sacrifice jobs for lower logistics costs but truck safety ratings are still unknown. Independent research is needed.

ChatGPT as infotainment: GM hopes interest in generative AI and connected cars will make its ChatGPT integration pay off. Monetization difficulties and public distrust in AI could thwart the plan.

GM can’t afford workers and EVs: It’s offering the bulk of its US salaried employees voluntary severance. We can expect inflation, high interest rates, and automation to weigh on industry jobs.

TSMC hiring thousands while rest of chip industry cuts back: The Taiwanese chip giant will take its competitors’ talent to augment its expertise and could alter the global technology landscape for years to come.

The great big Tesla sale of 2023: The EV pioneer is resorting to discounts to sustain sales momentum while its new models are delayed. Meanwhile, safety recalls and growing competition could become unstoppable challenges.

Musk in hot water over Autopilot again: Shareholders are taking legal action against Tesla’s CEO over alleged self-driving fraud. Consumer trust, gen 3 sales, and future investments are at stake.

Ukraine’s resilient tech sector: Tested by a year of war and widespread economic uncertainty, Ukraine’s tech sector isn’t just surviving, it’s building startup unicorns and expanding in innovation.

Pros and cons of wider EV battery choice: Cheaper and more abundant EV batteries are here, but their range drops by as much as 60% in colder weather and customers don’t know what batteries they’re getting in their EVs.

Another massive Tesla recall: Full Self Driving, a $15,000 option on Tesla vehicles, is deemed unsafe by the NHTSA leading to yet another recall. Tesla says it can fix issues with a software update, but can it fix a tarnished reputation?

Tesla sharing its Supercharger network: Tesla joins 16 companies providing 100,000 chargers in the US as part of the initiative to accelerate the EV transition. Government cooperation opens Tesla to billions in subsidies.

Tech layoffs hit Twilio, LinkedIn, Ford, and Yahoo: We could be facing a secondary wave of cost-cutting in the tech field. The good news is opportunities are open in other industries.

GM eyes cheaper domestic production: The automaker agreed to use GlobalFoundries chips exclusively in its vehicles. The strategy could be replicated by other companies seeking to lower domestic manufacturing costs.

Hertz gets half of massive Tesla EV order: The car rental company has received nearly 50,000 Teslas so far. It now has a growing fleet of EVs for rent and for services like Uber to push global adoption.

Musk’s 100 days at Twitter sink in: Its workforce is greatly reduced, users and advertisers are fleeing in droves, and now third-party developers are gone. What’s next for the beleaguered social network?

Cruise and Waymo on notice in San Francisco: Repeated incidents of idled robotaxis are delaying buses and impeding emergency workers. Complaints could stall countrywide expansion.

Volvo takes the self-driving road less traveled: The automaker’s use of experimental physics could help make AVs road ready. For now, the industry could protect stock values with honesty.

Researchers dispel EV greenwashing: A study shows that EVs aren’t necessarily an environmental savior, with skyrocketing lithium demand on track to cause havoc. Car culture will likely require space mining.

Constrained chip supply continues: The yearslong chip crisis isn’t getting any better, and some markets aren’t expecting relief until 2024. But dwindling consumer demand could lead to oversupply and stagnating innovation.