Artificial Intelligence

Facebook is shutting down its facial recognition feature in photos and videos: By removing facial recognition data for over 1 billion users, the company is trying to earn trust from consumers and regulators alike.

If money were no object when buying consumer tech, many US adults would upgrade their phones and improve their home security.

Email is becoming a more critical part of marketers’ playbook: 41% of respondents now view it as “very critical” to their company’s success (far higher than pre-pandemic), with automation and personalization being significant drivers of growth.

On today's episode, we discuss the most important trends in media, including what is happening with the rise of smart products, how concerning the plateauing of social media use is, and how people are using voice assistants in different ways. Tune in to the discussion with chief research officer at GlobalWebIndex Jason Mander and eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Karin von Abrams.

Walmart tries SMS shopping again, this time backed by AI and customer data: It will use the same conversational commerce tech that helped make its voice-assisted shopping successful.

Internal Facebook documents appear to contradict claims made by the company around how well its AI tools find and remove harmful content.

Top Biden science advisors called for an AI bill of rights that would create ethical standards around AI tools, limiting discrimination and privacy violations.