Since the pandemic, mobile gaming in China has picked up: In Q3 2020, growth in mobile game users spending accelerated by 32.5% year-over-year (YoY) to RMB 50.85 billion, compared with a 7.8% increase a year earlier, according to gaming research institute CNG.

In light of Apple's IDFA changes, marketers are anticipating negative effects on their audience targeting and measurement capabilities.

Social: Snapchat rolled out its new TikTok competitor "Spotlight" yesterday, yet another step it's taking to compete with the social media heavyweights for influencers, their fans, and the marketing dollars that follow.

Today marks a big milestone at Insider Intelligence: We launched our new platform, unifying our two brands (eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence) into a single online experience and expanded our Financial Services coverage. We also just published a report that’s been long in the making--and it happens to be our very first under the new brand.

Apple will halve commissions for app developers that make $1.3 million or less in gross revenues, but the capitulation is likely a PR move and won’t save the company from antitrust scrutiny.

eMarketer principal analyst Jeremy Goldman, forecasting analyst Peter Vahle, and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna discuss Spotify's strategic positioning as a complete podcasting ecosystem. They then talk about how much time Americans spend on their phones during their lifetime, why Alexa's asking follow-up questions, and what we can expect from the new "Apple One" bundle.

Today is the final deadline for ByteDance to complete a sale of TikTok’s US operations to a US company before it’s banned—meaning TikTok is once again in the position of narrowly trying to avoid a ban on the day it’s set to begin. Last week, the company filed for a 30-day extension with the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), the body responsible for approving a sale. But ByteDance claims the CFIUS hasn’t responded to its request—so now the company has turned to the federal appeals court to grant an injunction allowing it to continue operations, per TechCrunch.

Publisher Group Nine has launched its new online marketplace Swipe.Shop specifically for mobile, yet another publisher jumping on commerce.

eMarketer principal analysts Mark Dolliver and Nicole Perrin join junior analyst Blake Droesch, and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna to discuss the "minimigration" from major social networks to self-proclaimed "free speech" app Parler, targeted ads on network TV, the popularity of Starbucks mobile ordering, Netflix linear TV offering, The New York Times' digital milestone, how to travel to work at the speed of sound, and more.

Business Insider Intelligence research analyst Daniel Keyes and eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Andrew Lipsman discuss how Amazon tripled its revenues during an economic recession. They then talk about how Pinterest posted such strong Q3 growth, Walmart converting some stores into ecommerce labs, and Under Armour selling its smartphone app MyFitnessPal.