On today's episode, we discuss whether augmented reality is the future of marketing, how Clubhouse launching on Android can help the social audio platform grow its user base, how much the pandemic changed boomers' online behavior, whether "buy now, pay later" can move beyond retail, how to help people find something to watch on Netflix, how to swim up in the sky, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer analysts Nina Goetzen and Daniel Keyes, and principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman.

Yelp boosts small businesses: The platform is rolling out new, more expansive targeting options as we head into a full-swing summer.

China eyes the ‘next stage of the internet’: The country hopes its two-pronged approach to early blockchain and 5G adoption will help establish itself as a global leader in the internet’s next generation.

Apple set an industry standard with its privacy nutrition labels. Now Google is following suit with new app safety disclosure requirements.

Mobile advertising consolidation: Mobile gaming giant Zynga will acquire Chartboost in a move that will let the company reduce costs associated with third-party network fees.

Another mobile carrier joins the telehealth bandwagon: Boost Mobile is tapping K Health’s telehealth services for its customers—underscoring how mobile carriers are wading into telehealth space amid the 5G wave.

On today's episode, we discuss the most interesting findings from Facebook's Q1 earnings, how Apple’s iOS 14.5 update might affect its business, and where it sits among the digital ad giants. We then talk about how many people are using Facebook Dating, measuring Facebook's "potential reach," and Facebook Reality Labs' upcoming smart wristband. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Debra Aho Williamson and Nicole Perrin.

The encrypted messaging platform tried to buy ads that highlighted categories Facebook uses to target consumers. The stunt comes at a moment when Signal is differentiating itself on privacy against its Facebook-owned competitor, WhatsApp.

Social gaming: Sony announced a new investment and partnership with Discord following Microsoft's failed acquisition of the chat app.

China’s smartphone market enters a new competitive era: The country’s smartphone market grew for the first time in four years, but it didn’t translate evenly for all players. Huawei’s sales continued to decline, leaving several smartphone competitors neck-and-neck in the race to claim top spot in China’s market.

A recent FTC workshop on the widespread, manipulative UX design elements suggests the US regulator will place greater emphasis on protecting consumers from deceptive design and behavioral cues