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The new ability to embed tweets in Snapchat and Instagram Stories is a win-win-win: It not only directs traffic back to Twitter, but it could help bump up engagement on the other two platforms as well.

Steve Lesnard, CMO and global vice president of product creation at The North Face, speaks with eMarketer vice president of business development Marissa Coslov about responding to shifts in consumer behavior trends, such as increased online searches for outdoor activities, and more.

The number of Snapchat users in India will grow 106.9% this year, driven largely by the pandemic and users migrating to the platform after the TikTok ban.

US authorities have filed antitrust suits against Facebook, claiming that the company engaged in illegal, anticompetitive practices to establish market dominance.

The number of monthly Instagram users in Western Europe will rise by 17.0% in 2020 to 132.8 million. That’s more than three times higher than the growth rate we had predicted before the pandemic (5.2%) and equates to 19.3 million new users from 2019.

India’s TikTok ban lead to big gains for Snapchat and Instagram in Asia-Pacific, on top of general growth for the platforms driven by the pandemic.

TikTok will grow strongly worldwide this year, even as the app faces scrutiny from multiple governments and even outright bans in several countries.

eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver, junior analyst Blake Droesch, vice president of content studio Paul Verna, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Sara M. Watson discuss how social media might (actually) be regulated, social commerce, the ceiling for Disney+, Snapchat rolling out TikTok competitor "Spotlight," Spotify testing Snapchat-like Stories, Facebook paying UK publishers for news in 2021, why you should never trust a raven, and more.

Snapchat's rapid growth this year will be driven largely by older users, as the app has already achieved more than 80% penetration among younger users.

Online community platform reddit said it had an average of 52 million daily active users in October, sharing user metrics for the first time in its ongoing bid to attract advertisers.

On July 1, 2020, many advertisers pulled their spending from Facebook and Instagram, and in some cases Twitter, to show solidarity with the racial justice movement and for other reasons. While it got a lot of media attention, the ad boycott did not negatively affect the social properties’ ad revenues.

Recent estimates indicate that Facebook CPMs will be at a historic high this holiday season, despite recent news that the company’s conversion lift tool may have been overvaluing select campaigns.

Social: Snapchat rolled out its new TikTok competitor "Spotlight" yesterday, yet another step it's taking to compete with the social media heavyweights for influencers, their fans, and the marketing dollars that follow.

This year, the number of US monthly reddit users will grow by over a quarter from last year to reach 37.7 million.

Instagram will exceed 1 billion users worldwide in 2020, a milestone originally predicted for 2023, as increased screen time and ecommerce activity drive growth.

Snapchat is looking to build on the strong spending from mobile app advertisers this year with its new performance-oriented offerings.

\NBCUniversal is further diversifying into the beauty world, signing a deal with beauty brand Volition to have NBCU talent create beauty products—capitalizing on the celebrity beauty craze.

eMarketer principal analyst Mark Dolliver, junior analyst Blake Droesch, and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna discuss the we-used-to-share-things economy, Amazon's new online pharmacy, Twitter keeping some election tactics, the sudden surge in disappearing messages, the share of Facebook content that's political, why movie previews are called "trailers," and more.

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