Disney+ is entering a new phase: Before firming up plans for an ad-supporting tier, the streamer is launching in a number of lower-priority markets.

Streaming services gained Oscar wins and brand awareness during commercial breaks: Disney’s own properties also propped up ad sales during the Academy Awards.

Netflix has 1.6 billion reasons to crack down on password sharing: While the exact number of sharers are hard to pin down, there’s a huge gray market the streaming giant could go after.

The number of digital video viewers in the UK continues to grow. This year, almost three-quarters (74.9%) of the population, totaling 50.6 million, will watch digital video.

Nielsen set to go private in $16 billion deal: Equity owners will be tasked to navigate TV measurement leader through fierce competition.

The elephant in the room propping up most of the figures in our recently released worldwide sub OTT user forecast is Netflix, the industry leader by a wide margin.

Netflix’s pivot to gaming isn’t a sure thing: The company is launching additional titles, but it’s coming from behind in a crowded market.

The definition of cinema changed this weekend: With a Best Picture win for “CODA,” Apple showed that a streamer can deliver high-quality movie-going experiences—without going to the movies.

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Reels is a win for Instagram, but smaller brands struggle to keep up: Food brands have decried algorithm changes that have harmed their businesses.

For the first time, we broke out Disney+ and Netflix viewers by age. It’s widely understood Disney programs are usually aimed at youth. Our forecasts give some clarity on how much Disney+ skews toward young people compared with other streaming services.

YouTube’s free TV shows will boost its watch time and appease nervous advertisers: Ad-supported TV is an obvious move, but the platform lacks access to today’s biggest hits.

YouTube’s new live streaming options will help its social commerce efforts: Already a live video leader, YouTube is adding features that mimic those of its competitors.

What happened to the FTC’s beef with Amazon? The tech giant’s acquisition of MGM went through without a challenge as the FTC struggles with internal politics.

SXSW’s return reemphasized the importance of experiential marketing activations: Prime Video and others made big splashes, though pandemic-era virtual experiences remain.

Nielsen’s potential buyout shows the opportunity in TV measurement: The company has had a rough going, but investors see opportunity.

Time spent with TikTok peaked at 40.0 minutes per day for the average US adult user in 2021, below that of YouTube, at 45.0 minutes daily. TikTok will lose some of its pandemic gains this year and the next, with its time spent falling to 37.1 minutes in 2023.

The streaming wars heat up as Amazon and MGM come together: The race to win out in streaming has led to rapid consolidation in the entertainment industry.

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Moderation protects users and brand partners: Twitch is taking legal action after last summer’s protest against how it handled hate speech on the platform.