If your friends all jumped into the same neobank, would you? The UK fintech Kroo has raised $24.5M and plans to push for a banking license. Its product suite focuses on transactions among friends—but it’s going to have to differentiate its offerings from Revolut’s to succeed.

A different kind of campaign: Some Amazon sellers are tracking down their unhappy customers and pressuring them to edit or remove their reviews.

Mattel dinged for noninclusive line: The Barbie manufacturer came under fire for creating a Tokyo Olympics collection without any apparent Asian representation.

Victoria’s Secret 2.0: After spinning out of L Brands and making its public trading debut, the company sees positive results from its brand rehabilitation efforts.

Join us as Tate Olinghouse, chief client officer of Acxiom, discusses how the proper and ethical use of data can help brands interact with their customers in a meaningful way, and more, with Geoff Ramsey, co-founder of eMarketer.

Retail loyalty programs—the most prevalent type in consumers’ wallets—help brands develop lasting customer relationships through easy, accessible, and appealing incentives. Co-brand credit cards—issued as partnerships between major brands, banks, and card networks— have long been a key piece of that puzzle.

New data reveals telehealth users would have gone to the emergency department if virtual care wasn’t an option—meaning hospitals well-equipped up with virtual care could avoid flooding beyond capacity in the next COVID-19 wave.

Wearables can take diabetes management to the next level : Fitbit is linking up with diabetes-focused health-tech firm LifeScan to merge their blood glucose and health tracking capabilities to improve diabetes management—we unpack why this program could gain more attention from payer and provider customers than other digital diabetes solutions on the market.

The company issued a six-page FAQ pushing back on claims its new CSAM prevention tool harms privacy, but future anti-encryption legislation could force Apple to renege on its position.

Pizza Hut looks outside of the box: The fast-food chain seeks to regain leadership in digital food delivery through AI and analytics.

The FCC’s first-ever mobile broadband map is an attempt to correct for years of inaccurate FCC broadband data, but it doesn’t let users meaningfully compare carrier performance.

AT&T and Verizon hope crowds returning to stadiums and music venues will provide attractive 5G use cases. But most consumers remain unaware of 5G—and new virus variants threaten to upend telecoms’ plans.

The US travel industry this year remains largely impacted by the pandemic, even as travel has picked up in H2. This sluggishness is due to paused cruises, a near standstill in business travel, and restrained international travel.