Dollar Tree sees higher sales, but lower profits: The discount retailer’s expansion into grocery is growing ticket sizes but squeezing margins.

Parkinson’s? There’s an app for that: H2o Therapeutics’ app for monitoring Parkinson’s Disease patients nabbed FDA clearance—which will be critical for adoption.

Cleveland Clinic charges for patient-provider messaging: We unpack the health system’s controversial move and examine if other provider organizations could follow suit.

Pharma advertisers pull back on Twitter ad spending: A fake Twitter account posting about free insulin is causing harm to leading pharma players. What should their next move be?

Mobile duopoly under scrutiny: Apple and Google own the platforms, mobile devices, operating systems, app stores, and browsers. UK regulators are preparing to enact more stringent regulations.

Sports betting has an inextricable brand safety risk: A recent New York Times report unveiled the industry’s murky rise to prominence, drawing further brand safety concerns.

What the IPO backlog and tumbling valuations mean for fintechs: More down rounds and private equity buyouts could be on the way.

Googlers anxious over looming job cuts: Alphabet is planning to cut 10,000 workers through a stricter performance-review system. Expect non-tech companies to swoop in and offer them jobs.

Amazon’s ‘colossal failure’: One of the most successful voice assistants, Alexa is also losing billions of dollars. But there are some revenue-building steps Amazon could take.

The platform gives underwriters quicker access to consumer health records, helping to simplify policy issuance.

SMEs are projected to be the biggest growth area for insurance aggregators globally through 2031.

Its gamified group life insurance platform encourages healthy living for consumers, resulting in lower payouts for insurers.

European retailers eye retail media as a new revenue driver: Carrefour and Ahold Delhaize are among the latest retailers seeking to diversify their revenue streams via retail media.

Amazon has a customer satisfaction problem: Shoppers complain of delayed deliveries, poor customer service, and irrelevant search results, dragging its satisfaction rating to a record low.

The firm is piloting a process that lets prospective cardholders apply with only a soft credit check.