Prime Day advertising: Total ad spend on Amazon during Prime Day nearly doubled (93.6%) when compared with 2020 as Amazon's ad business continues to grow.

he AV company revealed details around a supercomputer it’s using to train its computer vision neural network, which it hopes to use in Level 5 vehicles. Critics warn abandoning radar could come at the expense of safety.

On today's episode, we discuss mobile devices' role in online grocery, how consumers' physical and digital shopping worlds are colliding, and the next major challenge for grocers. We then talk about marketers' social strategies, why Facebook is risking scrutiny to launch an Instagram for kids, and what to make of Reels getting ads. Tune in to the discussion with vice president of marketing Camilo Reina Ramirez and marketing director Lina Toledo of Grupo Éxito and eMarketer senior analysts at Insider Intelligence Matteo Ceurvels and Jasmine Enberg.

Ecommerce sales at Walmart, including Sam's Club, will reach $67.39 billion in 2021, per our forecast.

Apple tried going small with last year’s unpopular iPhone 12 mini, but a big-screen affordable model could succeed where the mini failed.

Viva Republica’s $7.4 billion valuation springs from substantial user acquisition opportunities and a potentially lucrative exit—and uplifts the country’s whole fintech ecosystem.

Wells Fargo plugs into Akoya data-sharing network: The banking giant, already an investor in the API provider, will use the network to make customer data available to aggregators and fintechs—it’s a milestone for Akoya in the fragmented US open banking space.

Toss plans neobanking foray: The South Korea-based financial app will launch a neobank in September and focus on underwriting loans via existing users’ data—and it could end up resembling the likes of Alipay, Venmo, and Revolut.

The planned acquisition of Provide—which caters to healthcare providers with loans and savings products—gives the US regional bank access to a large market and a professional niche.

Payers iron out wrinkles in social determinants of health programs: Priority Health launched a project alongside three leading SDOH startups that could solve a major pain point in social health projects: quantifying health factors like food insecurity.

Hims&Hers puts more skin in the D2C healthcare game: The telehealth company is acquiring teledermatology startup Apostrophe—here’s how its telehealth expansion strategy across specialties will help it meet consumer demand.