Netflix is making moves in India to compete with Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video: Streaming services have turned to the country to make up lost ground back at home, but breaking in may not be so easy.

JPMorgan’s digital-only bank plays in a market with strong neobanks and support for open banking. That could spur globally applicable innovation and best practices for its parent.

Woes prompting NatWest’s AML fine include cash-stuffed bags: The UK-based bank’s reputation gets another dent as it’s ordered to fork over nearly £264.8M ($339.5M) after a guilty plea to criminal convictions.

Growth will come from Gen Z’s interest in buy now, pay later (BNPL) and incumbents’ push to outspend and outinnovate competitors.

Social commerce is one of the biggest trends in social media in 2021. The major platforms are all pushing commerce to the forefront of their business strategies, introducing new features aimed at convincing consumers to go from inspiration to purchase with a click of a button or a tap on a mobile screen.

Podcast listening is driving adoption of food delivery services: New Nielsen data suggests that food delivery trends have been driven by this year’s growth in at-home listening.

We estimate that digital ad spending by consumer product good (CPG) brands will hit $30.56 billion this year. What's more is that the CPG sector is one of five industries to devote more than 70% of their total ad budgets to mobile.

Among US gamers, Facebook Gaming is the most popular destination for viewing live gameplay, with 42% watching esports and other gaming livestreams on the platform.

Nike acquires metaverse brand RTFKT Studios: The purchase of the 2-year-old digital-goods maker indicates that Nike believes nonfungible tokens—and the metaverse—are here for the long term.

On today's episode, we discuss why many companies are now scrambling to appoint a chief customer officer, what makes for a good one, and what might trip them up. We then talk about what it means to be authentically diverse and how recent (and potential) privacy moves have prompted companies to amass customer data. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Dave Frankland.

YouTube attempts to keep creators loyal by giving them what they want: As social platforms compete for original content, YouTube follows in Meta’s and TikTok’s footsteps with more robust creation tools.

Removing likes gets a thumbs-up from the marketing industry: By hiding like and dislike counts on social media content, marketers can focus on promoting quality engagement.

OnboardConnect uses Equifax data and tech expertise to help organizations onboard new businesses for B2B transactions.

About two-thirds of US consumers want to integrate at least two of their digital activities, according to PYMNTS. Western users also seem receptive toward a bundled experience.

As Dave’s public debut looms, it’s unclear how it will stand out: The US neobank’s expected to bag about $450M at its planned stock market debut in January 2022. The big challenge will be differentiating itself from other digital players.

Freelancer-services fintech cites user-growth plans for dropping neobanking: UK-based Coconut is pivoting from its current account to make other freelancer services more accessible. Open banking will offer other specialized fintechs this option.