As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on, US healthcare providers are incorporating telehealth into their practice, particularly when treating new concerns.

TikTok’s upcoming desktop livestreaming feature threatens Twitch: TikTok Live Studio will let users stream anything from their PC, including video games, for viewers to watch on the TikTok app.

Android 12 Go can seal Google’s dominance of entry-level smartphones in emerging countries: An optimized version of Android could boost adoption by eliminating fragmentation and setting standards for affordable devices.

AirAsia, one of the world’s largest budget airlines, is on a mission to build a regional super app. While it follows in the footsteps of titans like WeChat in China and Gojek in Southeast Asia, AirAsia could blaze a path for travel and other industries not endemic to the mobile space. Companies looking to expand their mobile business should take lessons from its journey, wherever its final destination may be.

Data from devices like leak detection sensors can improve insurers’ risk assessments, and their alerts can strengthen customer relationships.

In an open banking world, Scotiabank’s Intuit data deal looks limited: The bank’s bilateral collaboration comes as open banking—which enables bank data sharing with larger groups of outside financial institutions—expands among big Canadian and US banking players.

Increasing competition in the realm of point-of-sale installment plans will push existing buy now, pay later firms to diversify their offerings and target consumers beyond the existing core of Gen Z and millennial users.

Walmart is the most popular online alternative to Amazon, with nearly 63% of US Amazon buyers picking up products there when not doing so on Amazon.