The growth of investment robo-advisors—algorithm-based account services—spiked last year across the US, the UK, and Canada as investors, especially those belonging to younger populations, took advantage of investment opportunities during the pandemic. For instance, independent robo-advisors Wealthfront and Betterment both reported double-digit increases in account openings during the pandemic.

The fintech’s $100 million round shows growing confidence in the crypto sector, as regulations and new use cases increase and make solutions like Chainalysis’ more valuable.

NTWRK pushes live shopping in the US: The livestream-centric mobile marketplace is competing with giants like Amazon and Facebook as US companies emulate China and struggle to succeed in the fledgeling livestreaming ecommerce space.

Brexit-induced tensions: Six months after the end of the Brexit transition period, UK brands that sell online are reporting a significant loss of EU-based customers.

Closing the loop: Verizon Media expanded its partnership with shopper intelligence platform Catalina this week by making their respective identity graphs interoperable. The partnership is likely a bid to emulate the offerings of companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart.

Wells Fargo hands over 280,000 PPP loans: The banking giant’s track record of issuing loans over the course of the pandemic-era program could help improve its standing with regulators as it seeks to end its asset cap.

Consumers are still paying bills digitally more often than before the pandemic, extending a valuable volume opportunity for issuers, card networks, and digital wallets.

JPMorgan gingerly enters Brazilian retail banking: The US-based banking giant seeks exposure through a pending 40% stake in digital-only player C6 Bank—the investment will help the neobank compete in a crowded challenger space.

US programmatic digital display ad spending continued growing at double-digit rates during the pandemic, and we expect it to reach a milestone next year when more than 9 in 10 digital display ad dollars are transacted using some form of automation.

GM-backed connected car startup Wejo partnered with Microsoft and Palantir to improve its ability to store and analyze data. As connected cars take over roads, processing their treasure troves of data will be increasingly important.