Fantasy Football’s Midas Touch

eMarketer forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom, vice president of content studio Paul Verna and researcher Chuck Rawlings talk fantasy football: how has it changed engagement with sports, sports broadcasting and cord-cutting behaviors. They also discuss why NFL TV ratings are up, a new initiative to compare esports and traditional sports audiences and more.

Podcast: Why the Fortnite World Cup Was a Huge Deal

eMarketer’s very own gamers, corporate account manager Brandon Galindo and sales executive Michael Bruckenthal, explain what happened at the Fortnite World Cup. What did the esports competition look like, how much did competitors win and how do parents feel about their kids participating? Then vice president of content studio Paul Verna, discusses updates to Spotify’s new Ad Studio, Walmart’s latest driverless delivery partnership and why DoorDash bought Caviar.

In today’s “eMarketer Daily Forecast” video, forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom breaks down our growth numbers on esports viewership. Watch now.

How the NBA Is Using Esports to Grow Its Audience

Esports probably won’t replace baseball as America’s national pastime, but it’s now just as popular as the NBA. Last year, 63 million US viewers watched competitive video games, according to Activate Inc., putting esports on par with the NBA's viewership.

In 2018, esports captured the attention of nearly 400 million viewers worldwide—and cable and OTT platforms took note, with media rights revenues topping $180 million.

In this "Behind the Numbers" playlist, we talk all about streaming sports in various markets, including the US, Latin America, Europe and APAC. Our analysts break down the audience, content, platforms and marketing opportunities in these regions.

Podcast | Sports Streaming in Europe

"Behind the Numbers" continues its weeklong investigation of sports streaming around the world with a discussion of Europe's major markets. What platforms and programming are most popular in the UK, France and Germany, and how large are their audiences?

Podcast | Sports Streaming in Canada

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," we continue our series on sports streaming around the world. This time, guests Paul Briggs and Paul Verna discuss the audience, content, platforms and marketing opportunities in streaming sports in Canada.

eMarketer's "Do You Have a Second?" is a mini-podcast that offers a quick hit of the latest digital data. Today, we're talking about Super Bowl ads, Nielsen and Google's new cross-device measurement deal, and 5G smartphones.

With the NFL kicking off the 2018 season, we’re talking about fantasy sports on “Behind the Numbers.” How many Americans play fantasy sports? Why do they play? And what are the different spending habits of fantasy players?

The Potentially Wide World of Esports

eMarketer sales executive Michael Bruckenthal, midmarket account manager Brandon Galindo and vice president of content studio—and author of our recent report, “Esports 2019: eMarketer’s Forecast for US Audience, US Ad Revenue Growth”—Paul Verna discuss the burgeoning world of esports. They chat about how different stakeholders are investing in this space, who’s watching, how large are the prize pools and audiences compared with traditional sports and marketing opportunities for advertisers.

eMarketer senior analyst Bill Fisher joins “Behind the Numbers” to discuss the business implications of England’s unprecedented success in the football Champions League and Europa League competitions.

Podcast | Hoop Streams: How March Madness Plays Out on TV and Video

In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," eMarketer principal analyst Paul Verna talks about March Madness and the NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments. He explains who's watching, how they're watching, and how much advertisers are dropping on the Final Four event.

US Esports Ad Revenues Will Grow 25% in 2019

Competitive video gaming is a rapidly growing, multibillion-dollar industry, presenting new opportunities for marketers to reach and engage with fans. Esports ad revenues are poised to surpass $200 million by next year, according to eMarketer’s first forecast on esports and gaming revenues.

Podcast | The Not So Super Bowl

How many Americans tuned in to watch this year’s Super Bowl? How engaged was the audience via digital and social? In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," Paul Verna, principal analyst, digs into the data for the low-scoring game.

Podcast | Sports Streaming in Latin America

"Behind the Numbers" completes its investigation of sports streaming around the world with a look at two key Latin American markets, Brazil and Mexico. eMarketer's Paul Verna and Matteo Ceurvels discuss the platforms and opportunities for marketers.

Podcast | Sports Streaming in APAC

All this week, "Behind the Numbers" is focusing on sports streaming around the world. In the third episode, we turn our attention to APAC. What sports and events are driving uptake in China? Where are esports the biggest thing? And what about cricket?

Podcast | Streaming Sports in the US

This week, "Behind the Numbers" is all about sports—streaming sports, that is. In the first episode of a five-part series, we focus on the US market, breaking down sports-streaming platforms, audiences and revenues. eMarketer's Paul Verna and Paul Briggs join host Marcus Johnson for the discussion.

How Advertisers Can Capitalize on Esports Fandom and Reach Teens

Joshua Dyck, professor and co-director of the Center for Public Opinion at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, discusses why esports has drawn so many teens, and how advertisers can insert themselves into the gaming community.

In the latest episode of eMarketer's "Behind the Numbers" podcast, analysts Paul Verna and Yory Wurmser dig into the audience data for this year's World Cup, and consider the future of soccer on digital.