On today's episode, we discuss what the next big augmented reality (AR) experience might be, the Trojan horse of self-service retail, whether podcasting has a "hit" problem, the NFL's 2021 regular season ratings, a possible delivery drone milestone, an unpopular opinion about consumer choice, robot referees, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Oscar Orozco, Peter Vahle, and Blake Droesch.

Long-time Olympics advertisers face controversy, waning viewership: Brands sponsoring the event are staying hushed to avoid upsetting domestic and international consumers.

New York sports betting soars in first nine days of legalization: The rapid success could win over states like California, which is set to consider legalization in 2022.

On today's episode, we discuss the fallout from Netflix's Q4 earnings and what the immediate future looks like for the streaming giant. We then talk about what to expect from NBC's overlapping broadcasts of this year's Super Bowl LVI and Beijing Winter Olympics, along with what to make of streaming players focusing their attention on kids' shows. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.

NBCUniversal reduced Winter Olympics ratings expectations: Its broadcast strategy is changing after last year’s tepid Summer Games.

On today's episode, we discuss how networks and distributors' continuing fight over retransmission fees will affect consumers and what an increasingly crowded streaming market will look like. We then talk about just how big in media Apple wants to be and the relationship live sports have with linear TV and streaming. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Ross Benes.

Sports betting companies tripled TV ad spend in the last months of 2021: With sports gambling available to more people than ever before, operators look to national TV to bring in customers.

Among US gamers, Facebook Gaming is the most popular destination for viewing live gameplay, with 42% watching esports and other gaming livestreams on the platform.

The rise of sports gambling attracts family-friendly brands like Disney: CEO Bob Chapek revealed that Disney is looking to introduce betting to ESPN as interest heats up among digital sports broadcasters.

Tide opts out of Super Bowl LVI spot: Low ratings from the Olympics might be behind the brand’s decision to step away from the sporting event.

Sports betting will grow in 2022 and beyond as states, TV networks jump on board: The industry saw record growth in 2021 and will continue to rise, but views on just how fast differ.

Google’s paid search ads have gotten pricier in the US, with costs per click (CPCs) rising across retail product categories in Q3 2021.

The NFL has earned 14% more for broadcasters in 2021 than it did in 2020: MediaRadar data suggests there's been a resurgence in back-to-normal activities such as weekend football watch parties.

How PepsiCo reevaluated its approach to sponsorships: the company used the pandemic as a reset, focusing on better measurement and more local activations

On today's episode, we discuss how the travel industry is recovering and how the typical traveler has changed. We then talk about the state of the NFL's ratings, how much alternate telecasts can help, and the promise of sports betting. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer associate forecasting analyst Zach Goldner and director of forecasting at Insider Intelligence Oscar Orozco.

YouTube TV and NBCU's carriage disputes show the fragmentation of the skinny bundle space: This is only one of many disputes YouTube TV and other vMVPDs have faced, many of which hinge on sports channels.

On today's episode, we discuss whether TV can produce an event that gathers a mass audience without relying on sports or news, why Warby Parker is eyeing brick and mortar, why advertising's future is in 3D, how folks find things to stream, what to make of TikTok's 1 billion users milestone, the new corporate dress code and greeting etiquette, where the football huddle came from, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts Suzy Davidkhanian and Paul Verna and analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch.

Among US retail categories, apparel and accessories has the biggest social media footprint, accounting for 53.3% of all posts and reactions to content, like comments and shares, across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in July 2021.

On today's episode, we discuss how people's attitudes towards cable changed during the pandemic, where cable is thriving, and how folks think about price. We then talk about how to count co-viewing, how much of a splash the new Paramount+/Showtime bundle can make, and how sports fans have changed. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.

On today's episode, we discuss whether Facebook has reached a turning point, how people now feel about digital ads, if the world is ready for eSports endorsers or finance influencers (aka finfluencers), the pandemic pet boom, what we keep learning about customers' needs, how to make sure you treat in-office and remote workers fairly, a town with free alcohol, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer analysts Nina Goetzen and Blake Droesch, and senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.