Gen Z is ready to spend this season. Millennials may be a bit cautious. YouTube is the place to go if brands want to get on Gen Alpha’s radar. And for older consumers, trust is the key to getting them to spend. Here’s how retailers can appeal to each generation as the holiday season readies for Cyber Five.

Knowing and trusting a brand is the top factor influencing purchase decisions for US adults, particularly among those ages 55 and older, per an August 2023 CivicScience survey.

Gen Zs plan to splurge this holiday season: The cohort is more likely than any other generation to increase spending this year, according to new research provided exclusively to Insider Intelligence.

Consumer desire for sustainability isn’t reflected in their buying habits: Concerns over price and quality are limiting sales of eco-friendly goods, while Gen Z shoppers can’t quit fast fashion.

Former podcast laggards to take the lead: Latin America will overtake North America’s dominance in listeners in 2025, with China moving into the top spot by 2027.

As Gen Zers grow up and their purchasing power expands, they’re redefining the relationship between brand and consumer, expecting brands to be community-focused, authentic, and culturally relevant.

Dupe culture powered e.l.f. Beauty to a 76% YoY sales increase last quarter: Gen Z’s favorite drugstore brand is reaping the rewards as consumers look for budget-friendly ways to stay on top of beauty trends.

Social commerce sales are continuing to rise steadily, reaching $82.82 billion in the US next year, per our forecast. But it’s getting harder to convert new buyers. Here’s how retailers can encourage more social media purchases and boost their social commerce sales.

Defying global challenges, Pinterest excels in Q3: Innovations and strategic partnerships bolster its market position.

Sales are quickly approaching $100 billion. Gen Z’s influence on social media habits, new commerce technologies from TikTok, and rising annual spending by buyers are the main factors driving growth. And with users now spending just shy of 2 hours on social media per day, there is plenty of room for brands and users to squeeze more sales.

More than half (52%) of US adults have either used shoppable commerce (buying a product by clicking a link directly within or next to a video) before or are interested in it, according to an Insider Intelligence survey conducted by Bizrate Insights. The majority of those who have used it, however often, identify as male (23%) and are between ages 18 to 34 (31%).

Gen Z’s attention is split across social media for shopping and search: The cohort’s use of multiple social networks spells opportunity for platforms and advertisers.

41 states and DC are suing Meta for violating children’s privacy laws. A deluge of fines and possible bans could follow if addictive algorithms aren’t altered.

Meta faces its biggest legal challenge yet: Group of 41 states and DC sue Meta for what they claim are addictive apps that harm underage users.

Buy Buy Baby prepares to relaunch this fall: The retailer is touting an improved shopping experience and mcommerce features as it tries to retake share from Target and Walmart.

Google joins the call for a federal privacy law: The company offered regulators a framework for US rules around advertising to minors.

Chipotle, Pizza Hut turn to late-night dining to attract Gen Z customers: Both QSRs are experimenting with later hours to help satisfy diners’ midnight cravings.

Teens now prefer YouTube over Netflix for daily video time: Piper Sandler's biannual survey highlights shifting streaming habits.

On today’s podcast episode, we explore the problematic relationship between credit unions and Gen Z. • In our “Headlines” segment, we discuss an article from that revealed only 4% of Gen Z consumers bank with credit unions. • In “Story by Numbers,” we consider what credit unions can do to capture Gen Zers’ attention while working with tight marketing budgets, and which programs have helped Gen Z consumers manage their finances. • In “Actual CEO,” we discuss with our guest CEO what she is currently doing to engage with Gen Zers at her credit union. Listen to the podcast with host Rob Rubin and Tansley Stearns, CEO of Community Financial Credit Union.• In our “Headlines” segment, we dig deep on a recently published Insider Intelligence report covering our forecasts for ad spending by US banks and credit unions. • In “Story by Numbers,” we discuss how fewer mortgages are affecting banks' net interest income and what that means for their marketing budgets. We also examine Ally Bank’s increased ad spending. • In “For Argument’s Sake,” we talk about how large banks are doubling down on digital ad spending while smaller institutions are cutting their spending, which could lead to the eventual demise of smaller traditional banks. Tune in to the discussion with host Rob Rubin and our director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

Gen Z consumers feel the pinch of inflation: While 73% claim to have adjusted spending due to higher prices, plenty remain willing to splurge on everything from beauty to travel.