Media Buying

The amount of time UK adults spend consuming digital content continues to rise with consumers spending an extra 25 minutes a day on digital devices in 2016 compared to last year, according to eMarketer’s latest forecast.

Many digital marketing professionals worldwide say they feel very satisfied, or somewhat satisfied, with current real-time bidding (RTB) win rates, according to September research.

While TV is still the dominant destination for political ad spend, spending on digital channels is increasing the fastest year over year. In fact, US political ad spending on digital is estimated to nearly quadruple compared to 2014, according to research.

Google’s worldwide ad revenues growth will drop to single-digit rates this year, eMarketer estimates, after years of faster increases. After a 15.0% climb in worldwide ad dollars last year, the internet giant—whose parent company, Alphabet, will report Q1 earnings this week—will see 9.0% growth this year to $57.80 billion in ad revenues.

eMarketer estimates that about a quarter of digital ad spending in India will be mobile this year. Other estimates are less bullish on mobile’s share of the total, but more positive about overall spending levels.

Nearly a third of senior advertisers in North America are familiar with people-based targeting and know the concept well, according to February 2016 research. A further 39% said they have a general idea of what it is.

While traditional print media—newspapers and magazines—continued to flounder, digital and entertainment media spending grew rapidly. Within digital, desktop- and laptop-based spending still makes up a majority.

Three in four US marketers say that ad blocking will have a negative effect on the programmatic advertising ecosystem, according to February 2016 research. But some actually think the impact will be a good one.

Natalie Malaszenko, senior vice president of marketing at, compares social network platforms for video advertising.

A study of WeChat, one of China’s most popular messaging platforms, provides new insights into the service’s user base and most-used features. WeChat’s “Moments” feature, accessed by users to share and browse images, short videos and links from friends, is among the platform’s most popular, and increasingly a key draw for advertisers.

The TV remains the biggest screen in most UK living rooms, but its influence is perhaps not as big as it used to be. More than ever before, viewer attention is being pulled towards multiple screens and platforms.

Melinda McLaughlin, CMO of cloud-based enterprise platform Extreme Reach, discusses how the company is working to help clients activate and leverage video ads across all screens.

Spending on paid media worldwide will climb 5.7% in 2016 to $542.55 billion, propelled by increased investments in digital advertising. This is lower than eMarketer's previous forecast, but still represents accelerated growth when compared with 2015 (5.0%).

French-language speakers access news via traditional media at a considerably higher rate of 85.8% compared to 77.8% of adults who prefer to communicate in English or other languages. French speakers are also much less likely to get the news via social media.

After a sharp drop in 2014, net ad revenues worldwide at Microsoft rebounded in 2015 with a rise of 20.8% and this year, eMarketer expects, will climb a further 15.0% to reach nearly $3 billion—still below 2013 revenue levels, and about in line with what the company took in from ads as long ago as 2012.

Sorting through the myriad options for advertising opportunities can seem overwhelming. As brands shift budgets from linear TV to digital video, they are faced with decisions about what platforms work best, what publishers to partner with and how to assess campaign success in a fragmented, evolving media landscape.

Justin Cutroni, Google analytics evangelist, discusses the Google Analytics 360 marketing cloud suite and how the company approaches machine learning.

2016 forecasts of Thailand’s digital ad spending suggest the market will see continued growth, powered by increasing outlays from firms in the communications and automotive sectors.

Tina Mahal, vice president of innovation at Frito-Lay, talks about how the company leveraged different social channels for its Flavor Swap campaign.

eMarketer senior analyst Lauren Fisher discusses how the ad tech stack is changing dramatically, thanks to programmatic technology.