Retail & Ecommerce

A different kind of campaign: Some Amazon sellers are tracking down their unhappy customers and pressuring them to edit or remove their reviews.

Mattel dinged for noninclusive line: The Barbie manufacturer came under fire for creating a Tokyo Olympics collection without any apparent Asian representation.

Pizza Hut looks outside of the box: The fast-food chain seeks to regain leadership in digital food delivery through AI and analytics.

Victoria’s Secret 2.0: After spinning out of L Brands and making its public trading debut, the company sees positive results from its brand rehabilitation efforts.

Retail loyalty programs—the most prevalent type in consumers’ wallets—help brands develop lasting customer relationships through easy, accessible, and appealing incentives. Co-brand credit cards—issued as partnerships between major brands, banks, and card networks— have long been a key piece of that puzzle.

A promising retail avenue: For marketers struggling to find new digital buyers in China, livestreaming opens the door to shoppers who crave in-store experiences amid the pandemic.

Q2 photo and video app spending: US consumers spent the most money in video streaming apps like YouTube and Twitch, but social apps are grabbing an ever larger slice of the pie.

The card network enabled support for WEX Pay Cards, and its cardholders can now make instant transfers from Apple Cash—two moves that can help the issuer capitalize on rising retail spending as legislators mull new fee restrictions.

On today's episode, we discuss what brands are doing at the Olympics, when time spent on digital video might equal linear, Google's new privacy timeline, the significance of Square buying Afterpay, why marketers must start thinking in 3D, how to individually achieve “perfect productivity,” and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer director of reports editing Rahul Chadha, analyst Blake Droesch, and principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna.

Alibaba’s quarterly earnings: The ecommerce giant posted strong growth in its retail and global businesses, even though we expect its share of China’s total ecommerce sales to dip slightly this year.

Instacart hires key Facebook ad executives: Carolyn Everson joins the company as its new president—weeks after hiring Facebook alum Fidji Simo as CEO.