Retail & Ecommerce

Uber posts earnings miss due to weaker demand in some markets: But its delivery business was a bright spot as order frequency reached an all-time high.

Bad weather drove more shoppers to Instacart in Q1: The company expects the positive trend to continue in Q2 as it prepares to add Uber Eats to its platform.

Microsoft moves to reduce dependence on OpenAI with a newwith new model: Microsoft is seeking technological independence, but it also needs cost control to maintain its frontrunner status.

Starting off their financial lives this way will have long-term effects on their financial futures and on credit card providers

Stablecoin adoption is even more limited than thought, but this hasn’t stopped major payment players like Visa from getting involved

The feature lets customers match repayments to their pay cycles to help manage their finances, but it’s not without risks for Afterpay

Amazon aims to break down the barriers between TV and shopping: The retail giant rolled out interactive video ad formats that look to spur viewers to shop.

Retail media is moving beyond performance to become a tool that marketers can use to drive both sales and brand awareness. In this next evolution, off-site, in-store, and upper-funnel formats like connected TV (CTV) and social will play a larger role in marketers’ retail media strategies as they seek more scale and control over their campaigns.

Private equity firms circle Peloton: While the pandemic-era winner faces no shortage of challenges, it still has a consistent and profitable subscription business with millions of loyal users.

Malls are making a comeback, Simon says: The developer is seeing strong interest from tourists and wealthy shoppers as leasing demand rises.

Instacart and Uber team up to keep DoorDash at bay: Instacart hopes the deal will protect its grocery business and widen consumer appeal, while Uber looks for new customers.

Book bans are on the rise in US: This trend can have implications for brands’ marketing strategies.

Howard Schultz says Starbucks’ ‘fix needs to begin at home’: Following a tough quarter, the company’s former boss took to LinkedIn to detail how it should revamp its US operations.

Microsoft and Sanctuary AI team up on humanoid robots: Advanced AI is invigorating the robotics sector. But industry adoption doesn’t indicate consumer demand.

Overdraft policy mostly meets with indifference: If asked about their bank’s practices, most consumers would answer: “Don’t know and don’t care.” A NY Fed study found experience is the best teacher about what’s in the fine print.

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