Retail & Ecommerce

TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter continue to experiment with social commerce: YouTube sees a path forward with shoppable Shorts, but Twitter’s tentative approach won’t win it any customers.

Beauty is one of the fastest-growing ecommerce categories: Newly minted unicorn Purplle hopes to keep that momentum going even as shoppers return to stores.

DoorDash leans on subscriber revenues as the delivery market cools: The platform’s focus on building loyalty could help it outlast competitors like Gorillas.

Retail media networks need to differentiate themselves: Dollar General’s retail media expansion highlights their reach with rural customers.

NFTs may be going through a rocky patch, but brands still turn to them for engagement: Budweiser is tokenizing its famous Clydesdales in a new campaign.

We expect relatively strong performance on Prime Day despite a slow start to the year for Amazon and other etailers.

Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service is ready for takeoff: But it isn’t clear if the service is ready for primetime.

On today's episode, we discuss how inflation is changing consumer behavior, whether 15-minute delivery is too good to be true, the potential of Apple's realityOS, how much of the information shoppers give retailers is false, the ceiling to spending time on TikTok, an unpopular opinion about buying things from TV ads, pets' roles in Americans' lives, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our senior director of Briefings Stephanie Taglianetti, director of reports editing Rahul Chadha, and director of forecasting Oscar Orozco.

Amazon’s fashion expansion continues with forays into luxury and physical retail: The company’s high-end ambitions are at odds with its emphasis on value and low prices.

The Fiserv-owned firm launched BentoBox Payments, which consolidates order management and payment processing, to help attract more customers.

This year, 64% of consumers worldwide—or as many as 1.70 billion digital buyers of the 2.65 billion we forecast—will regularly buy directly from a brand, up 15 percentage points from 2019.

Soaring food prices are causing consumers to rethink their spending: Consumers are changing both where and how they shop for groceries, as well as what else they buy.

Shoppers are as enthusiastic about Zara as ever: Parent company Inditex reported strong Q1 sales and profit growth as consumers returned to stores in droves.