Retail & Ecommerce

Prime Energy and Bodyarmor pressured to Gatorade to innovate: Growing competition has driven Gatorade to branch into new categories, including unflavored water.

Luxury brands are buying up premium real estate: Kering, LVMH, and Prada are spending big to acquire flagship properties on prime retail corridors.

For a fee, the bank’s new media solutions team will let retailers target customers based on spending habits.

But Visa’s solution is more limited, putting the payment network a step behind

Merchants may have a harder time fighting this fee due to the security benefits it supports

US sales of store brand beauty products grew 10.5% in 2023, according to February 2024 data from the Private Label Manufacturers Association and Circana.

After appearing to plateau, Amazon has regained its ecommerce momentum. But competitors still threaten Amazon’s ability to gain market share.

Uniqlo plans to open over 20 US stores this year: The push mirrors similar efforts by Ikea and Zara, reflecting foreign retailers’ belief in the importance of physical retail.

Lego makes its US and Canada stores sensory inclusive: The toymaker is offering visitors tools like noise-canceling headphones to make the experience more accessible.

Retail media complicates price talks between retailers and suppliers: Hardline tactics like pulling products from shelves can make brands reluctant to invest in RMNs, forcing concessions.

Amazon accounted for 80% of marketplace sales, 40% of ecommerce sales, and 4% of retail sales in the US in 2023, per Marketplace Pulse.

TikTok Shop rollout spurs concern about platform engagement: Our survey shows many users have actually boosted their usage since shopping debut, but time spent is slowing overall.

JPMorgan Chase s turns card data into ad opportunities, aiming for a share of the booming retail media sector: The institution must balance growth and trust.

Conagra demand picks up: The company beat top- and bottom-line expectations after lowering prices and increasing promotions in key categories to attract cost-conscious consumers.

Ulta’s consumer spending warning sends shockwaves through beauty industry: Financial pressures and competition are weighing on the retailer’s sales, but other indicators suggest healthy growth in 2024.

Levi’s is feeling good as D2C transition gains pace: The retailer is banking on its expanded product assortment—and a little help from Beyoncé—to keep its momentum going.

PubMatic's strategic alliance with Instacart boosts programmatic advertising: The initiative merges retail media data with advanced targeting for improved ad impact.

38.5% of US clothing buyers say they discover brands and products by browsing in-store, according to our November 2023 Consumer Path to Purchase survey.

Delinquencies are showing signs of plateauing, giving credit card providers a sigh of relief

There will likely be more M&A activity to come this year as the Capital One/Discover deal triggers more dealmaking