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To keep loyalty members engaged, brands must focus on what customers want, offer smart rewards, and keep tweaking their programs. For example, Victoria’s Secret built a special community in its app, while Vitamin Shoppe added multiple tiers and benefits after careful planning.

In part one of this two-part podcast episode, we discuss some more predictions for 2024 that are too specific to be 100% certain about but could still come true, including: what will actually end up happening with Paramount, what Nordstrom will do next to get back on track, and where folks will be watching the NBA over the next 10 years. Tune in to the discussion with our vice presidents of content Suzy Davidkhanian and Paul Verna and analyst Max Willens.

Halloween creep has crept into June: Lowe’s and Party City are following Home Depot’s lead in promoting Halloween merchandise months before the holiday, while Spirit Halloween staffs up.

Walmart’s automated warehouses enable it to do twice the work with half the staff: Those gains are creating more capacity for third-party sellers, and putting the retailer on track to hit ecommerce profitability in two years

We look at what it might take for the networks to appease retailers and the judge—and avoid going to trial

It may be an olive branch for Gen Zers and millennials who may be upset over its decision to stop accepting Amex. It’s a win for Venmo’s monetization journey

But given the costs of the tech to implement it and keep it running, it may not be worth it for other retailers to follow suit

Consumers think twice about buying fast food when prices rise: Traffic has fallen at major QSR chains since California’s 25% minimum wage increase took effect in April.

Adults surpass preschoolers as biggest consumers of toys: “Kidults” are driving toy sales as consumers invest in items that bring them joy.

Here are six charts that explore ecommerce in Europe by region, including our latest rankings of European markets by total digital sales.

Not all assumptions about how Gen Z consumers shop are correct. While it’s true that they’re motivated by sustainability, they’re also limited by their budgets. It may be difficult to earn their loyalty, but they still have brand affinities. Here are four assumptions about Gen Z and whether there’s any truth to them—straight from members of Berns Communications’ Z Suite network of Gen Z consumers.

Brazil’s retail sales rose 2.2% YoY in April: While that fell short of analysts’ expectations, it marked the 11th-straight month of positive sales growth in Latin America’s largest economy.

Retailers invest in flagship stores to entice shoppers: Banana Republic, Hoka, and Zara are among those relying on attractive design and luxe features to capture consumers’ attention—and spending.

It’s a perfect fit in Bread’s portfolio but could reinforce a troubling trend for Capital One’s co-brand business

The genAI-powered assistant can help boost conversion by giving consumers hyper-personalized suggestions

Amazon Fresh tries to turn returns into a customer acquisition tool: Shoppers who return online purchases at the grocery store are eligible for discounts as the retailer struggles to make headway.

Collective TV integrates CTV and retail media: Albertsons' new platform offers advanced ad solutions, driving digital video ad growth through shoppable content.

The number of mobile peer-to-peer (P2P) payment users in the US is growing, reaching nearly three quarters (74.4%) of US smartphone users by 2028, per our forecast.

Retail media ROI tracking and measurement remains a problem: With NEON, Night Market thinks it has the solution.