Retail & Ecommerce

Creator economy crescendo: Amazon is quickly building out areas of its business that center on influencers, as the walls between social media and ecommerce erode and creators' roles in those spaces start to blend together.

Credit card appetite is growing in tandem with retail sales—what are issuers doing to make the most of this comeback?

China’s second-largest annual shopping festival broke records last month, generating more sales and attracting more brands than ever before. Held each year around June 18, the 618 promotional event is still smaller than Singles’ Day, but its rising scale reflects a growing appetite for a midyear alternative to the November ecommerce extravaganza.

We recently updated our top 10 list of US retailers by ecommerce sales, but this time, we extended our ranking to the top 15. Together, these 15 companies will account for 72.3% of ecommerce sales in the US this year, up 10.5 percentage points from 2019, largely due to growth seen by Amazon and Walmart.

A new top dog: Andy Jassy, former head of Amazon Web Services, took over the CEO role at Amazon this week. His ascent could lead to deeper connections between Amazon’s cloud storage business and its growing advertising segment.