Retail & Ecommerce

Roku’s revenue expectations are lower than projected due to slowing subscriber and ad revenue growth: A slowdown in cord-cutting coupled with market saturation has lead to intense competition in the streaming space.

In an attempt to woo younger consumers, Nike launches a virtual space on the Roblox platform: The immersive experience features physical interaction, mini games with rewards, and an environment modeled after Nike's headquarters.

It’s enabling quicker B2C payments using Mastercard Send and letting merchants offer one-click checkout through Bolt.

Online inflation is up, but not as much as total inflation: That's helping companies that use both sales channels better absorb rising brick-and-mortar costs.

Discovery plays catch-up with new shoppable ad format: Ecommerce functionality is now a necessity for streaming platforms looking to compete with social media.

The etailer may be trying to negotiate a better deal on the billions of dollars’ worth of card fees it pays each year.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Kate MacCabe, Brooklinen's vice president of Product, a DTC brand selling luxury bedding products.

Through customer experience and community focus, M&T Bank is growing more than just its business. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Financial Services with M&T Bank’s Francesco Lagutaine, chief marketing, communications and digital officer, to hear how M&T Bank is succeeding by combining large-bank advancements with small-bank values.

The etailer is taking a more aggressive approach after imposing surcharges in Australia and Singapore.

Amazon’s cashierless tech finds a home outside the US for the first time: While adoption has been slower than expected, the Just Walk Out system can still transform the grocery sector, and rival retailers may find it hard to resist amid labor shortages and rising COVID-19 cases.