Retail & Ecommerce

After doubling its transaction volume in its fiscal Q3, Affirm wants to focus on turning a profit.

YouTube again recognized for brand safety in advertising: MRC accreditation shows effectiveness in making sure ads don’t appear alongside inappropriate content.

Asian consumers remain an opportunity for brands: A new Nielsen study suggests on-screen representation is on the rise but remains lacking.

Noncard crypto payments are increasingly available to consumers and may also be attractive to merchants.

China’s zero-COVID policy hinders retailers at home and abroad: The mitigation measures put the brakes on both retail sales and manufacturing, which could have long-term implications.

Food delivery workers take action to secure higher pay: Unprecedented strikes by Delivery Hero and Deliveroo drivers in Dubai underscore the challenges workers face amid rising fuel and living costs.

Instacart takes the first step towards an IPO in an uncertain market: But the company’s growth prospects are tempered by strong competition and changing grocery shopping habits.

The new offering connects online shoppers with in-store retail associates and can help attract merchants to Klarna.

Ad networks are becoming a no-brainer for retailers: Grocery delivery startup Jokr is launching an ad platform to help its struggling business.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Duncan Blair, SVP of marketing, support and sales at Article, about best strategies to convey to customers the “feel” of products and shoppable video.

Apple, Amazon, and Starbucks are fighting hard against unionization efforts: While the companies’ aggressive stands aim to protect their bottom lines, doing so could sully their reputation.

Nike’s shift to D2C gives other sportswear brands an opening: Adidas, Reebok, Allbirds, and more are jockeying to take Nike’s place on store shelves.

Big Tech gets corrected: Tech industry stocks have taken a beating so far in 2022, but given the pandemic’s upheaval, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Another reincarnation looms.

Despite growing sales, resale platforms struggle to turn a profit: The RealReal and thredUP each reported significant increases in revenues, but the cost of doing business remains high.