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The card will benefit from the popularity of gaming but is entering a precarious credit card market

Indonesia mulls social media sales ban: Platforms like TikTok and Meta may need strategy shifts.

TikTok is rolling out its Shop feature to all 100 million US users (per our May forecast), using a tab on the home screen to drive users to the marketplace and allowing videos directly containing purchase links, in order to drive in-app ecommerce traffic.

The US consumer remains resilient: While there are a host of reasons to expect spending to fall off a cliff, there are also many reasons to expect growth to continue.

The IAB and MRC propose retail media guidelines to help solve the industry’s measurement problem: The framework is meant to improve transparency and ensure consistency across RMNs.

Walmart rolls out late-night express delivery: The retailer’s relentless focus on offering more convenient ways to shop is winning it more customers and market share.

Brands must balance personalization with privacy considerations and ensure product pages are comprehensive and complete. Lower-funnel ad tactics and easily accessible shipping and returns info also help to encourage purchases. Here are four strategies to boost online conversion rates.

Patreon diversifies beyond payments with chat rooms: Is this enough to ensure its sustainability as a standalone service?

Retail theft soars in the UK: John Lewis, Tesco, and others recently voiced concerns that shoplifting is hurting their profits and causing consumers to feel uneasy about in-store shopping.

Target bets that jewelry will convince shoppers to spend during the holidays: The retailer struck a deal to carry exclusive Kendra Scott jewelry and accessories.

eBay’s consignment business is its latest play for luxury shoppers: The marketplace is betting on luxury to turn its fortunes around.

Mcommerce will account for almost half (49.8%) of US ecommerce sales by 2027, according to our forecast.

Amazon’s end-to-end supply chain solution is a sign of the company’s shifting ambitions: The retailer is focusing on its flourishing merchant services and advertising businesses as ecommerce sales growth slows.

On today's podcast episode, we discuss when attention metrics might dethrone viewability, why advertisers are tentative about them, and why using attention as a currency is TBD. "In Other News," we talk about Google limiting impressions from "unproven" advertisers and the battle between advertising groups and the "Delete Bill," a California bill that would allow consumers to request advertisers delete their personal information. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Evelyn Mitchell-Wolf.

The agency argues Big Tech’s dominance over the mobile payment method limits innovation and competition. But crafting new regulation could take years

Open banking-powered payments can help merchants save money, reduce fraud, and increase conversion rates

In the wake of the disruption, Shift4 Payments offered a bonus for merchants to switch to their POS system

Nielsen reverses stance on Amazon first-party football data: After networks and industry groups cried foul, Nielsen won’t include Amazon data in its panel currency.