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TikTok has enormous upper hand over Instagram Reels, Meta research suggests: Engagement down as platform struggles to draw creators.

Inflation. Return to work. Supply chain disruptions. War. Recession. It’s been a wild 2022, and larger pressures are disrupting advertising. Here are a few key trends from our recent “Great Realignment” webinar.

Nearly 50 million people are still working from home as of July, according to The NPD Group. But many companies are calling their employees back to the office.

On today's episode, in our "Retail Me This, Retail Me That" segment, we discuss how companies can improve the employee experience to better the customer experience and ways to collect feedback. Then for "Pop-Up Rankings," we rank the top examples of retail leadership that directly impacted our customer experience and the ones that could have been improved. Join our analyst Sara Lebow as she hosts analysts Suzy Davidkhanian and Patty Soltis.

A rail strike is the latest threat to the supply chain: Just when things were looking up, a new development could pose issues for retailers in the months ahead.

Macroeconomic challenges lead Shopee to adjust its international strategy: Singapore-based Sea’s ecommerce unit is leaving Argentina and closing most of its operations in Chile, Columbia, and Mexico.

As of August, 65% of US adults said they’d spent more on groceries and less on experiences in the past six months. Meanwhile, 59% agreed they’d spent less on experiences such as travel and dining out. Adults also reported focusing on savings while forgoing big-ticket purchases.

Revolut Pay lets customers earn cash back and claims to offer faster merchant payments. But does it stand a chance against the likes of PayPal?

On our premiere episode, we discuss the future of buy now, pay later (BNPL) and if it can still compete with credit cards. In our “Story by Numbers” segment, we dig into some of the recent BNPL headlines and tell the BNPL story with data. In "Inside Baseball," we break down BNPL stakeholders and imagine them in baseball terms: which are in the majors, which are in the minors, and which are past their prime and now playing for their town league. Tune in to the discussion with host Rob Rubin and our vice president of content, financial services Dan Van Dyke.

Consumers plan to get an early start on holiday shopping: That’s good news for retailers as it should help smooth out the traditional late-season shipping bump.

On social media, younger shoppers are far more likely to trust brands and influencers, while older shoppers prefer retailers. Just 9% of baby boomers worldwide follow and buy from accounts run by influencers, compared with more than 40% of Gen Zers and millennials.

There’s no denying Facebook is a commerce powerhouse. But it also has Facebook Marketplace, which is primarily intended for C2C shopping and buying, though it also allows companies to list their items and place ads.

Zelle has moved more than 5 billion payments in five years. Looking ahead, it plans to dive deeper into fraud prevention, SMBs, and disbursement