Retail & Ecommerce

Consumers are growing frustrated with ineffective digital ads: A new survey shows that the ad industry’s lack of a proper targeting solution is alienating consumers.

A growing number of brands and retailers are jumping on the bandwagon.

As concern over sustainability rises, shoppers re-evaluate their grocery options: A study by Kroger reveals some consumers are looking for sustainable ways to shop—and save money.

Walmart+ doubled its fuel discount to 10 cents per gallon: Inflated gas prices provide Walmart with an opportunity to drive more people to its membership program.

Apple opens Self Service Repair to US consumers: It is also slowing hiring at certain retail locations for its Genius technical-support jobs, which could put a crimp in the customer experience.

Rising prices leave UK consumers with little cash to spare: UK retail sales are down for the first time in 13 months.

More deliveries, faster: To satiate consumer appetite for faster delivery while also appeasing workers, Amazon puts $1 billion toward startups. But so far its tech investments haven’t been altogether fruitful.

The tech giant appears to have switched Apple Cash over from Discover to Visa and enhanced fraud prevention features for Apple Pay.

Offline retail concept Showfields is in expansion mode: The so-called “most interesting store in the world” features a fresh take on the purpose of brick-and-mortar retail.

Aldi’s rapid growth makes it the third-largest grocer: After opening 88 US locations last year, the grocer plans to open another 150 stores in 2022.

Diversification is key to Harry’s and ThirdLove’s growth plans: With consumer enthusiasm waning for direct-to-consumer models, the two companies offer a glimpse of what’s to come.

Ecommerce growth is good news for UPS: The delivery company is confident that a “permanent shift in customer preference” to online shopping will keep demand high.

Meta is making a modest step into physical retail: Facebook’s parent company is opening a store on its Burlingame, California, campus to let consumers try its metaverse hardware products.