Retail & Ecommerce

Social platforms are gaining in search: More US consumers are researching products on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, which could bode ill for Amazon and Google.

Spotify’s $100 million fund for diverse projects starts off slow: Concerns about spending arise as the initiative marks its first year.

Gen Zers are ready to spend. The majority will be adults in 2023, meaning increased spending power. And they rely heavily on digital when making purchases: Gen Z will surpass Gen X in the number of US digital buyers by 2025, per our forecast.

Consumers don’t want to pay for shipping costs: Many are willing to put up with slower delivery times if it means they receive free shipping.

Most grocery shoppers are increasingly hunting for a deal: But rather than cutting prices and eating into their already-slim margins, grocers may find better success focusing on ease and convenience.

The solution lets businesses create physical or virtual cards, which can open a new revenue stream for

UK inflation increased unexpectedly in February: Consumers continue to be under strain as food prices reach their highest levels in over 45 years.

Shoppers are expected to spend a record $24 billion on Easter purchases this year: But inflation will remain top of mind as consumers look for deals and consolidate spending at mass merchants.

Panera Bread becomes the first restaurant chain to adopt Amazon’s contactless payment technology: But cost and privacy concerns could limit the retailer’s ability to scale its checkout solutions.

The rise of in-store retail media—through the digitization of surfaces in physical retail—will transform the store experience, the financial fortunes of retailers, and the advertising opportunities for brands.

The early pandemic sent retail ecommerce returns skyrocketing: Despite softening a bit in 2022, returns pose a major challenge for retailers, as they struggle to create policies that reduce costs and maintain good CX.

TikTok sister app Douyin is a livestream behemoth in China, where nearly 40% of internet users also engage in livestream shopping, according to our forecast. But in the US, the format hasn’t caught on in the same way.

Victoria’s Secret, Party City, and Lush Cosmetics are the newest retail partners DoorDash has added to its platform as it expands beyond restaurant delivery to offer customers on-demand delivery for alcohol, grocery, and convenience items.