Retail & Ecommerce

On today's episode, we discuss a mixture of new store formats, whether there are too many ads on Amazon, how consumers keep spending in the face of inflation, the battle for the TV ratings crown, whether you can guarantee delivery, the number of books that have ever been published, and more. Tune in to the discussion with our analysts Suzy Davidkhanian, Blake Droesch, and Paul Verna.

Not all discount retailers are benefiting from economic uncertainty: Big Lots’ sales fell 9.8% in Q3, Five Below’s earnings dipped 32%, and Dollar General missed expectations.

Weixin users can receive remittances from Tencent’s global partners directly to their wallets.

Retailers reassess supply chains as consumer demand softens: As lead times shorten, companies have to decide whether it’s worth returning to a “just-in-time” strategy to avoid inventory pileups.

Search proves its worth on Black Friday: Search ad spending grew steadily and drove strong results during the event despite a year of ad troubles.

The third quarter was a hard one for many US retailers, as inflation, supply chain strain, and more normalized post-pandemic consumer behaviors set in. We checked up on five major retailers on our “Behind the Numbers: Reimagining Retail” podcast to get a nuanced take on who took a hit in the short term and what our experts expect looking further out.

Now that the dust has settled from this year’s record-breaking Cyber Five (the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday), it’s time to see how the industry’s advertising efforts shook out, according to new research from Tinuiti.

The share of online purchases that shoppers return keeps rising: That’s a growing challenge for retailers seeking to rein in costs without hindering the customer experience.

Toy, apparel sales drove strong Cyber Five results: But shoppers were also willing to spend on everything from furniture to electronics, buoying retailers for the holiday season.

DoorDash turns to layoffs to combat ballooning operating expenses: While delivery revenues continue to grow, the platform will cut 6% of its employees to get its balance sheet under control.

Amex Business Link lets suppliers accept card and noncard payments and cross-border transactions. We break down how it can help Amex attract more issuing partners.

Email and TV may not be flashy, but they were critical to Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Both marketing channels may be older—but they’re far from deprecated.

It’s official. The Cyber Five (the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday) have not lost their touch. Let’s dig into the data as retailers take a deep breath and ready themselves for what’s shaping up to be a pretty busy holiday season.

Kroger lifted its full-year outlook: The grocer delivered strong Q3 results, which it attributed to its strong value proposition.

US households boosted spending in October as inflation eased: That’s a positive harbinger for the holiday season.

Close to a third of US adults don’t like anything about in-store holiday shopping, according to CivicScience. Meanwhile, for more than a fifth, experiencing the products is the biggest appeal. About the same share most enjoy the holiday music, decor, and displays, while 17% are after in-store deals.