YouTube eases up on its ad rules: Though advertisers may not be happy about it, the platform’s move to relax its monetization policies is likely necessary to keep creators from jumping ship.

DoubleVerify and Facebook team up: The company will provide brand safety tools for Facebook video ads, which could help the social platform attract advertisers that are in danger of being swayed to more premium video content from YouTube or ad-supported streaming services.

On today's episode, we discuss why paid newsletter subscriptions are having a moment, the competitive advantages of the biggest players, and why marketers should (or shouldn't) get involved. We then talk about HBO Max's upcoming ad-supported offering, whether Microsoft buying Discord makes sense, and the real problem with password sharing. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer analyst at Insider Intelligence Nina Goetzen.

Ad-supported streaming is on the rise: New data shows ad-supported viewership was up compared with other OTT services in 2020, opening up more inventory for linear TV budget shifts—and that trend is likely to only continue in 2021.

For shoe retailer DSW, TikTok is a place to test, learn, and have fun. In this excerpt from our new report, "Marketing in the Short-Video Landscape," Maria Wollenburg, DSW’s manager of social media and content, shares what the company has done on the social platform and what was learned in the eight months since launching its first TikTok paid ad campaign.

Before brands embark on short-video marketing, one of their key considerations should be the pros and cons of user-generated content (UGC). Marketers have had to learn to be comfortable with showing their brand messages in the midst of UGC on social media—and that’s been harder than ever, thanks to the recent rise in negativity and misinformation on some platforms. But to excel in the short-video format, especially on TikTok, marketers must also be willing to tap ordinary users for inspiration, participation, and viral distribution.

Amazon hits a home run with latest sports deal: The platform will stream 21 New York Yankees games this season as it continues its aggressive push for sports content.

Disney delays its theatrical return: Straight-to-streaming releases and shorter theatrical windows are dimming hopes of a full movie industry recovery this year. Worse, some changes may be permanent, further hurting the entertainment industry’s ad spending growth.

NBCUniversal unveils first-party data ad options: At the company’s One21 event, it laid out everything from a new unified ID to upped programmatic capabilities and expanded shoppable ads as it works to become a one-stop media shop.

Roku to launch in-house branded content: The streaming-first branded ad studio is Roku’s latest move to ramp up its advertising segment as marketer interest in CTV booms.

On today's episode, we look at how awards shows are doing and hand out some pretend awards of our own: "Must-Pay-Attention-To Video Streaming Platform," "Traditional Media Dark Horse," "Standout Brand/Company/Advertiser of the Year," and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman, Nicole Perrin, Jillian Ryan, and Debra Aho Williamson.

The NFL ensures more touchdowns for streamers: A new set of 11-year rights deals will make more football available on streamers, but distribution will remain tied to linear TV for the time being.

On today's episode, we discuss Facebook and Apple's next virtual and augmented reality moves, Netflix cracking down on password sharing, whether Google and Facebook killed the concept of "free," what Americans will do with their stimulus checks, how ESPN+ will do on Hulu, where in the world there is a giant plughole in the ocean, and more. Tune in to listen to the discussion with eMarketer forecasting analyst Rini Mukhopadhyay, senior analyst Sara M. Watson, analyst Blake Droesch, and principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jeremy Goldman.

YouTube Shorts debuts in the US: The feature may just be another TikTok clone for now, but if YouTube can successfully harness its existing base of video content creators, it could set Shorts apart.

Peacock wants to charge TV premiums for streaming: While streaming viewership continues to grow, NBCU's ambitious goal of pulling in equal ad pricing for its platform will likely face pushback.

Better data, better campaigns: In a natural progression of its paid advertising capabilities, TikTok will begin personalizing ads based on in-app activity.

Netflix originals may come to TV: The streaming giant is in talks to license its original content to ViacomCBS and NBCUniversal—likely a marketing tactic and a way to finance even more originals.