eMarketer senior analyst Ross Benes, principal analyst Mark Dolliver, and junior analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch discuss Disney+'s price increase and content slate, Amazon's foray into healthcare, whether mothers are actually moving over to TikTok, if co-viewing is here to stay, whether Amazon can draw NFL fans with an exclusive stream, how to easily get people to agree with an essay, and more.

eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Sara M. Watson discusses what she's paying attention to in 2021 and why: a new federal privacy law and reimagining antitrust rules.

Amazon Marketing Cloud has entered a new phase of beta testing, with Amazon now offering its tech to a broader crowd in an attempt to pull in bigger global brands.

P&G and Billie has called off their merger, citing a block from the FTC after the agency made a similar move last year, which spells trouble for future D2C acquisitions.

Most advertisers and agencies said they use Google as their primary ID solution, but competition between providers will likely heat up as marketers experiment.