While it’s meeting consumer demand for holistic coverage, it falls short on scalability. The debt and equity raise will help it expand.

Find out what’s ahead for digital ad convergence and how the current ecosystem’s challenges are driving change from industry expert Jeff Greenfield, senior vice president, buy side at WideOrbit.

The BNPL giant will also bring the Klarna Card stateside—both payment features are already available in Europe.

Thanksgiving store closures return thanks to shifting consumer habits: Increasing online shopping and earlier deal-seeking, plus criticism over opening on Thanksgiving Day, could lead many retailers to forgo the trend for good—Target has already committed to doing so.

BuzzFeed will premier live video series on TikTok: The move should help stave off stiff competition from other social players looking to make inroads into the live video space.

In this episode of Brand Anatomy, where we get exclusive looks inside leading brands, eMarketer Briefing director Jeremy Goldman sits down with Brian Berger, founder and CEO of Mack Weldon, to discuss how his brand embraced an omnichannel strategy to improve the customer experience—and do better in the process. We also cover how Mack Weldon has tackled the supply chain issues currently facing many brands.

SoftBank invests $300 million in LTK: The creator marketplace spend over $3 billion on the platform annually, demonstrating the power of the creator economy.

Revolut’s regtech tie-up is a blueprint for neobanks to boost compliance: A regtech’s AI-powered monitoring will track regulatory developments. This proactive approach would benefit digital-only banks that have focused more on speed than on oversight.

Black-owned fintech adds neobanking with retail partnerships: Novae’s online-banking product targeting the unbanked lets customers reload debit cards at three big retailers—filling gaps in low-income areas without many branches.

Eschewing a primary provider deal in favor of keeping both public and private clouds reduces risk to service quality. But this pricey approach only works for big financial institutions.

Last year, there was a huge shakeout in the UK’s retail landscape. Long-established names disappeared, hobbled by pandemic pressures, while a swath of digital-first players gained new customers.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Andy Hunter, founder of Bookshop.org, an ecommerce platform that helps local bookshops sell books.

As a new bottled water brand on an already crowded shelf, education is essential for creating brand trust. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on CPG with Nirvana Water Sciences’ marketing director Alex Matos to hear how the brand’s marketing hinges on teaching the benefits of its infused spring water to prospective consumers.