Twitter is wading deeper into audio interactions with the acquisition of Breaker, an app that allows users to socialize about podcasts.

Global OTT subscriptions will grow 65% to nearly 2 billion by 2025, likely the result of companies’ international growth strategies and an acceleration of streaming uptake.

The major auto companies reported improved Q4 2020 sales figures yesterday, a good indication for ad spending growth this year if momentum persists.

Access to food—healthy food, in particular—has been a challenge for many people across the globe. And the pandemic has only escalated the issue further.

Insider Intelligence spoke with Jon Chang, global head of shopping growth marketing at Klarna, a Swedish bank that provides BNPL and other digital financial services, for his take on what the biggest drivers of growth are and where the biggest opportunities will be in the future.

2020 was a tumultuous year to say the least, but as the adage goes, in crisis there is opportunity. This idea is literally embedded in the Chinese word for “crisis” (危机): Its second character means opportunity. China’s populace appeared to have embodied that spirit. In a challenging year, entrepreneurs and regulators alike worked together to steady the ship and found ways to restore some normalcy through resilience, digital innovations, and timely policies.

Never in the past two decades of social media history have the features, ad formats, and other business initiatives of the four major social platforms looked as similar as they do today.

Instagram users in Western Europe grew by an estimated 17.0% in 2020—three times higher than we expected in 2019—driven by both the pandemic and the rise of ecommerce on the platform.

Discovery+ hits multiple streaming markets this year and Discovery is betting its exclusive Olympics coverage in Europe will be key to subscriber growth.

Indian social network ShareChat is reportedly in talks to raise funds from both Google and Snap, as the latter two companies look to capitalize on ShareChat's160 million monthly users.