Netflix will continue growing strongly even as its share of the streaming market decreases—but that's just a sign that the market is growing fast enough to accommodate both Netflix and its competitors.

Facebook’s recent move to integrate WhatsApp data is surprising given the antitrust lawsuits it’s facing, but it’s clearly decided the trouble is worth the opportunity to finally monetize the messaging service.

Ulta Beauty has joined the likes of Walmart and CVS in launching an ad business, as retail media networks begin making up a larger share of the digital ad pie.

eMarketer senior analyst Ross Benes, principal analyst Mark Dolliver, and junior analyst at Insider Intelligence Blake Droesch discuss Disney+'s price increase and content slate, Amazon's foray into healthcare, whether mothers are actually moving over to TikTok, if co-viewing is here to stay, whether Amazon can draw NFL fans with an exclusive stream, how to easily get people to agree with an essay, and more.