On today's episode, we discuss Google's recent announcement not to build alternative user-level identifiers or support them in their ad stack. How does this change the upcoming cookieless landscape, how does FloC fit in, and how might these changes affect consumer privacy? We then talk about whether The Trade Desk's investments may help it better compete with Google, Facebook lifting its political ad ban, engagement with misinformation on social media, and what to make of The Walt Disney Co.'s new ad exchange. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin.

Diet Instagram: The new, less data-intensive version of Instagram will help Facebook penetrate developing markets, where consumers are more sensitive to mobile data costs.

Short-term financing services are seeing a boost: Pandemic-driven shopping as well as consumers looking for new financing options will likely drive more investment in digital ad spend from the sector.

Twitter puts control in brands' hands: The company extended access to the reply control settings it rolled out to users last summer, which could boost brand engagement on the platform.

Disney hits subscriber goals early and isn't slowing down: The company is working to drive more attention to ESPN+ with a Hulu integration and a new NHL rights deal.