Meta puts control in advertisers’ hands as it seeks to rebuild trust: The social media giant is hiring a third-party firm to verify a new feature’s effectiveness.

CFPB’s exam manual update covers discrimination: The US regulator’s update is part of a larger push against discriminatory conduct under the Consumer Financial Protection Act (CFPA).

Rising volume and employer interest in equity compensation for workers attracts big players: Fidelity struck a partnership with Capdesk while JPMorgan plans to acquire Global Shares.

Chainalysis recommended steps for fighting sanctions evasion and long-term measures to revamp how the government addresses crypto-related crime.

In a study of select countries, adults favored in-store over online shopping everywhere except China. There, 54% would rather shop digitally and only 16% preferred physical stores, while the rest had no opinion.

Digital-native retailers struggle to turn a profit: Rockets of Awesome and Warby Parker demonstrate the challenges upstarts face when they attempt to pivot from fast-paced growth to profitability.

New chips, same old supply chain: Light’s speed and efficiency make it a powerful foundation for semiconductor innovation, but swapping old chips for new ones won’t solve tech’s systemic challenges.

Hydrow thinks the at-home fitness trend will continue: Despite Peloton’s well-documented woes, connected fitness companies have plenty of opportunity for growth.

Learn what the holy grail of connected TV (CTV) might be. "In Other News," we discuss which Nielsen ratings alternatives are leading the pack and what the biggest viewership challenge for baseball is. Tune in to the discussion with our analyst Paul Verna.

SXSW’s return reemphasized the importance of experiential marketing activations: Prime Video and others made big splashes, though pandemic-era virtual experiences remain.

Bill targets mergers valued over $5B: Focus on larger M&A effects on the labor market can result in stronger regulation, but the bill could get resistance from Republican lawmakers.

What happened to the FTC’s beef with Amazon? The tech giant’s acquisition of MGM went through without a challenge as the FTC struggles with internal politics.

Several retailers remain open in Russia against their will: Burger King, Papa John’s, and Marks & Spencer locations stay operational despite their parent companies’ support for Ukraine.