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Marketer concerns about ad frequency on connected TVs might be misplaced: However, the reach of these campaigns is not as broad as first hoped.

Nielsen may be on the way out as the standard for TV ratings: The ratings firm could soon lose its accreditation, and new methods of measurement could reverse TV's declining ad spend.

Video games have become a major platform for music marketers: Games like Fortnite and Roblox are more popular than ever, and music labels are signing deals to promote artists in-game.

Amazon’s move into podcasts creates the possibility for massive, networkwide deals: The platform’s recent content acquisitions point to how lucrative podcasts are as a vehicle for ads, even during the pandemic.

As consumers pivot away from cable and satellite TV, pay TV penetration is declining in Latin America—though at slower rate than in the US.

On today's episode, we discuss how travel is changing, how the overall Olympic ratings shook out, why your inbox is now a shopping mall, how brands are already marketing to Generation Alpha, Facebook's Ray-Ban smart glasses, how the office came to be, the limitless power of hugs, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Jillian Ryan, Nicole Perrin, and Paul Verna.

Shane Pittson is the vice president of growth at oral-care provider Quip, overseeing advertising efforts and consumer research, optimizing lifetime value and customer acquisition costs, and improving retention rates. We recently spoke with Pittson about creating buzz for a brand, gaining retail distribution, Quip's brief stint on dating apps, and more.

The Olympics sees viewership decline: Despite the drop, NBC netted a profit on its ad sales.

On today's episode, we discuss Google's Q2 performance, how YouTube got on, and why the tech giant continues to accelerate. We then talk about YouTube improving its CTV ad offerings, what GDPR taught us about privacy upheavals, and why CMOs need to demonstrate the value of their work now more than ever. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Eric Haggstrom.

A tale of two streamers: Roku’s stock dipped after Q2 earnings revealed a drop in streaming hours, but ad-supported Tubi helped Fox Corp. beat Wall Street expectations.

From niche to emerging market status, podcasting is coming of age in China.

Discord courts brands: Jack in the Box is the latest in a string of brands attracted to the under-the-radar chat platform.

On today's episode, we discuss Spotify's Q2 performance, what to make of its ad revenue growth, and how its podcast investments are getting on. We then talk about where Amazon wants to take Alexa, social audio's monetization issue, and the significance of the NBA and iHeartMedia podcast partnership. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Peter Vahle.

On today's episode, we discuss Twitter's Q2 performance, which features are likely to boost engagement, and what the rest of the year looks like. We then talk about what to make of Fleets being folded, the potential impact of Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces, and what, if anything, can give Clubhouse a second wind. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.

On today's episode, we discuss Snapchat's Q2 performance, which features are standing out, and what we expect in Q3 and Q4. We then talk about some recent Snapchat augmented reality partnerships, Gen X's level of adoption across social media, and which platforms Gen Z folks think have the most genuine influencers. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Nazmul Islam.

NBCU reports a great Q2: With ad revenues up 32.8% over last year and Peacock sign-ups up to 54 million, NBCU’s on a roll—but poor Olympics ratings have dampened the good news.

Traditionally, linear TV ad buys have used content as a proxy for audience characteristics. Field Garthwaite, co-founder and CEO at video data firm, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss bringing content signals to video advertising, where typically targeting has been based only on audience characteristics or the context of a webpage—which may not match with the content of the video itself.