More tourists and returning office workers are contributing to a retail renaissance: Foot traffic in major US cities is approaching pre-pandemic levels, but hybrid work could temper recovery.

Leisure travel is picking up, but economy clouds outlook: Inflation, continued COVID-19 challenges raise concern about longer-term demand.

Runway gains first mover advantage with direct-to-consumer travel telehealth: It’s replacing expensive and antiquated travel clinics with online $30 pre-trip consultations and medications, disrupting a $12 billion market.

Shared electric vehicle company Lime builds brand awareness by demonstrating the value of car alternatives in cities. Hear from Lime’s Carolyn Rosebrough, global head of communications and brand, to learn how its localized marketing approach encourages a greener way to get around.

Retail media creeps into the travel industry: Marriott is teaming up with Yahoo to create a retail media network aimed at travelers.

The card network posted Q1 growth across the board—especially in cross-border volume—despite boycotting Russia.

Tesla tunnel traffic jams: Elon Musk’s The Boring Company may fall short of canceling traffic, but it’s definitely keeping investors excited with its new autonomous tunnel-digging machine.

On this episode of Brand Anatomy, where we get exclusive looks inside leading brands, Briefings director Jeremy Goldman sits down with Dorothy Dowling, CMO of Best Western, to discuss the changing needs of today’s travelers given rising inflation and pent-up post-pandemic demand, and the importance of loyalty programs to better serve customers.

While the rest of the travel industry rebounds, airport retail struggles: Fewer business travelers and Chinese tourists are forcing airport shops to reinvent themselves.

The firms launched the IHG Rewards Premier Business card and updated rewards on the IHG Rewards Traveler and Premier consumer cards.

US consumers pined for pre-pandemic pleasures in Q4 2021, with the delta wave receding and omicron just entering the frame—and it showed in their search behavior. Organic Google search visits to travel sites increased 41% year over year that quarter. Meanwhile, retail and consumer goods took a hit: Visits to those sites decreased 14% as the prospects of in-store shopping improved.

FAA says airport 5G towers can interfere with Boeing 737 planes: New information could cause further confusion on 5G’s effect on airplanes as the industry awaits a definitive solution.

Amex added Plan It to Delta’s checkout, giving the airline another BNPL option for its customers while letting Amex reroute volume to its cards.

5G might not be a problem for airplanes after all as FAA clears 78% of commercial aircraft: Remaining restrictions are scheduled to be lifted in six months, which might result in continued conflict.

Fears of 5G flight interference intensify in East Coast winter storms: 5G could affect low-visibility landings during inclement weather, leading to delays and cancellations.

US airlines plan to cancel flights if AT&T and Verizon’s 5G expansion isn’t halted: Disruptions have wider consequences like stranded passengers and supply chain delays.

As they return to the roads, skies, and seas, many travelers are also revisiting how to get the most mileage out of their credit cards.

AT&T, Verizon capitulate to FAA request by shutting off 5G at 50 airports: The move gives government agencies and carriers time to study the impact of C-band expansion on airplanes.

TikTok could be the savior of the box office and travel counter: Pandemic-challenged industries have embraced the social media app in the hopes of fueling their recovery.

Many gift-givers are saying ‘Bah Humbug’ to physical goods in favor of experiences: 17% plan to buy experiences rather than physical gifts, though supply chain woes could be fueling this trend.