Ahmed Elemam, senior digital marketing and analytics strategist at WestJet, discusses why the airline is keeping some technology on premise.

Apoorva Gandhi, vice president of multicultural affairs at Marriott International, discusses a recent campaign in which the company put a spotlight on its lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT) customers to help convey the commitment to "make everyone feel comfortable being who they are."

While “internet of things” has just recently become a business catchphrase, the IT-driven travel industry has been working for years to incorporate internet-enabled components—including smartphones and tablets, wearables, sensors, communication networks, data hubs and analytics programs—into its business.

Rob Cushen, managing director of EMEA for mobile app development studio Intellectsoft, speaks on the importance of having a layered app experience and how streamlining multiple technologies leads to an engaging user experience.

Ruwie Rahardjo, general manager of travel metasearch engine Wego Indonesia, talks about how young people in Indonesia are more apt to book travel through digital channels.

Americans may not mind booking accommodations and airfare on small screens, but search engines are where many leisure travelers in North America turn to when beginning to research a trip, according to Q1 2016 research.

Jon Moore, chief product officer of Trainline, an online seller of train tickets for UK train services, discusses how its mobile app has streamlined the travel process for its consumers.