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European advertisers may face the brunt of the GDPR soon: With the IAB Europe's consent framework likely to be found in breach of the privacy regulations, marketers will need to scramble for alternatives.

The percentage of US internet users who use a smart appliance will increase from 10.5% in 2021 to 21.0% by 2025.

On today's episode, we discuss the most interesting takeaways from Twitter's Q3 earnings, why the social media company was able to weather Apple's iOS privacy changes, and what Twitter hopes to become by 2023. We then talk about the share of tweets that come from young people and the appeal of Twitter Blue now that it includes ad blocking service Scroll. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analyst at Insider Intelligence Jasmine Enberg.

Allbirds’ shares soar in its stock market debut: The success shows that consumers increasingly want to transact with environmentally responsible and sustainable companies.

Siemens CIO talks live events, sustainability, and the company's approach to digital transformation: At Web Summit 2021, we interviewed Hanna Hennig, CIO at Siemens, to get her thoughts on the changing digital and in-person landscape.

Digital items are making millions in the metaverse: Pop star Zara Larsson sold more than $1 million in digital items on Roblox, promising news for marketers dipping their toes into the virtual waters.

From shopper marketing to social listening, White Castle is all in on creating memorable moments and acquiring new customers. Hear how the iconic fast food brand is marking its first century with a renewed focus on innovation. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on CPG with White Castle CMO Lynn Blashford.

Puma teams up with soccer legend Thierry Henry to combat online hate: the campaign comes at a time when social media abuse complaints are running rampant, particularly within sports.

Nike files to trademark virtual goods as metaverse inches closer to reality: Many companies have already begun experimenting with branded digital items, but some are starting to take it more seriously as buzz around the metaverse intensifies.

Sold-out Web Summit suggests many are ready for in-person events: Even with a lingering pandemic, the relatively low fidelity of virtual events is pushing many to attend physically.

eMarketer was pleased to moderate a Tech-Talk Webinar featuring Adobe’s Elizabeth A. Sexton, senior product manager, privacy, and Amanda Valerga, senior digital marketing strategist, along with Marcela Maryniak, director, digital marketing at Altice USA. They demystified the marketer’s role as a data steward and shared how to deliver on the customer experience promise—with access to less data.

On today's episode, we discuss the major contributors toward digital advertising's growth this year, what the ceiling is for mobile ad spending's share of the total ad market, and whether TV ad dollars are actually on a downward trajectory. We then talk about Gen Z's ad preferences and the prospects for Apple Podcasts' in-app subscriptions. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior forecasting analyst at Insider Intelligence Peter Vahle.

Big Tech was unevenly affected by Apple's privacy changes: Facebook and Snap were hurt by their reliance on off-platform data, Google and Amazon leant on their strong search data, and Twitter's brand marketing focus was its saving grace.