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Though many companies struggle with diversity and inclusion in their advertising, some are making strides.

On November 3, Californian voters approved Proposition 24 to pass the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA). The final result was closer than pre-election polls suggested, but nonetheless 56% of voters approved the measure.

David Cohen, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) joins eMarketer co-founder and Insider Intelligence chief evangelist Geoff Ramsey to discuss how digital advertising is adapting to changing times, including the growth of the connected TV ecosystem, developments in privacy regulation, the quest for marketing attribution, and the need for identity resolution in a post-cookie world.

Facebook and Google said they will keep their current political ad bans in place as the Georgia senate elections continue, which will likely draw additional regulatory ire.

WPP, in a push to consolidate creative and digital teams, will merge agencies Grey Global Group and AKQA to form AKQA Group.

eMarketer principal analyst Jeremy Goldman, forecasting analyst Peter Vahle, and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna discuss Spotify's strategic positioning as a complete podcasting ecosystem. They then talk about how much time Americans spend on their phones during their lifetime, why Alexa's asking follow-up questions, and what we can expect from the new "Apple One" bundle.

Despite larger drops in ad spending overall, content marketing will only drop 1.5% to $63.34 billion, according to new estimates from Borrell Associates. That’s partly due to the large percentage of content marketing spend that goes to digital—nearly two-thirds (66.3%) of the content marketing industry this year, per Borrell—and digital’s comparative strength versus the overall ad market. We estimate that digital ad spending will be far more resilient during the pandemic, growing 7.5% while total media spend will drop 4.1%. Accordingly, digital will be the only channel of the 11 in the study where content marketing spend will increase this year.

Apple is facing new privacy complaints in Germany and Spain from a privacy advocacy group that says the existence of IDFA violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Security: Menlo Security raised $100M for cloud-based security services—to address the shift to remote work, companies like Menlo Security are tapping into the growing enterprise interest in the Zero Trust security model and should see strong adoption of cloud-based services into 2021 and beyond.

A major challenge in measuring connected TV (CTV) audiences is that most of the time people spend streaming happens devoid of advertising.

Many marketers routinely target people with disabilities with “one size fits all” ad campaigns or exclude them altogether.

eMarketer principal analysts Mark Dolliver and Nicole Perrin join junior analyst Blake Droesch, and vice president of content studio at Insider Intelligence Paul Verna to discuss the "minimigration" from major social networks to self-proclaimed "free speech" app Parler, targeted ads on network TV, the popularity of Starbucks mobile ordering, Netflix linear TV offering, The New York Times' digital milestone, how to travel to work at the speed of sound, and more.

eMarketer forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom joins principal analysts at Insider Intelligence Mark Dolliver, Jeremy Goldman, and Nicole Perrin to discuss the US presidential election: media usage, effective advertising, and how big tech protected its integrity. They then talk about Apple's new privacy "nutrition labels," how a virtual reality headset can tell who you are from your movements within 5 minutes, and why The Trade Desk had such a good Q3.

In June, the Media Rating Council (MRC) announced it would be shifting its focus from ad delivery to outcomes in its standards development work. MRC senior vice president of digital research and standards Ron Pinelli joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to talk about what the MRC has learned so far about current measurement and attribution practices, why it's important to have a shared set of standards for measuring outcomes, and whether advertisers are ready for a shift away from user-level attribution.

Today’s sociopolitical events have lit a fire under brands to address social injustice and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in deeper ways than they have in the past. Companies are using marketing and advertising to respond to and support discussions about systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter protests, the fight for LGBTQ rights, the #MeToo movement, the COVID-19 pandemic, and issues of immigration reform, to name a few.

eMarketer forecasting analyst Eric Haggstrom and principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin discuss Google's (and YouTube's) latest earnings. They then talk about how much of a concern ad fraud is within connected TV advertising, the implications of the California Privacy Rights Act, and how people interpret emotionally infused ads.