Artificial Intelligence

The recent launch of Huawei’s Harmony OS across mobile devices will alleviate its reliance on Android and could put a dent in Google’s global mobile OS dominance.

Years of faltering smartphones forced the company to abandon its handset segment, but increased demand for consumer electronics has presented LG with a well-timed strategy pivot.

Tesla owners start smiling for the camera: The company announced it will use an in-car camera to detect and monitor drivers using the Autopilot feature following mounting safety and misuse concerns. Though an improvement, the solution may bring about a host of new privacy concerns.

The connected TV giant’s focus on ad revenue and interoperability could give it an advantage over competitors like Amazon and Google in the smart home space.

A new Nest update will make Google’s smart home devices compatible with the Matter smart home standard. The move could add momentum towards a push for a unified smart home ecosystem and presents Google with access to a quickly growing supply of smart devices.

Walmart buys a digital fitting room startup: The retail giant is trying to expand its ecommerce presence after Amazon overtook it as the No. 1 apparel retailer in the US last year.

Yelp boosts small businesses: The platform is rolling out new, more expansive targeting options as we head into a full-swing summer.

Olive and health system TriHealth are partnering to automate revenue cycle management—which can save hospitals a ton of money in denied claims, but AI RCM vendors are also focusing on digital billing to recoup hospital revenue.

FDA gives AI-powered digital health tech nod of approval: The FDA approved a huge batch of AI-digital health solutions—which will be key in getting more AI solutions into the hands of providers.

Sony integrates Discord: Two weeks after Microsoft’s efforts to buy Discord crumbled, Sony announced an investment in and partnership with Discord that will embed it in its gaming services.

On today's episode, we discuss how LinkedIn is evolving, how successful its creator initiative can be, whether its upcoming social audio platform can compete with Clubhouse, and how user growth and ad revenues are performing. We then talk about whether we can expect nearly all events this year to be virtual, making B2B events more appealing, and how robots can make our lives easier in the office. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Jillian Ryan.