Marketing Technology

Data center scrutiny rises in Europe: Data centers’ energy intensity and water use are running up against Europe’s energy crisis. Ireland’s data center moratorium puts facilities’ sustainability measures in focus.

Apple’s return to work revolt reveals the complexity of future of work: A possible recession might change things dramatically

Zuckerberg’s slipup is a bad omen for its metaverse: Meta’s CEO shared an ugly photo of its metaverse platform that kicked off a week of mockery and concern.

Why do businesses stay with bad cloud providers? Despite cloud overspending, enterprises that try to leave providers face expensive data migration fees. An EU proposal could help restrain cloud monopolies.

Marketing technology is the most important and difficult purchasing decision. CMOs rely on marketing technology to justify investment, navigate privacy regulations, and prove revenues have grown.

Everything you wanted to know about TikTok but were afraid to ask: Not a TikTok user? Not advertising on the platform yet? This quick explainer tells you what you need to know.

Thursday Night Football expected to reach a smaller audience on Amazon: Still, the retailer’s media network could produce a win for advertisers.

Meta’s brand safety issues persist: The social media giant can’t get a handle on hateful content at a time when ad spend is declining.

New gov’t tool tracks correlation between pollution, social health factors, and patient health: We explain what the government’s new Environmental Justice Index means for community health.

Google’s expanding cloud: Weeks after announcing its Latin America expansion, Google Cloud set its sights on Thailand, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Cloud providers are racing for coverage in the APAC region.

Quality-of-life features don’t amount to privacy changes: Meta is introducing user privacy features to WhatsApp that fail to address longstanding data privacy concerns.

Walmart brings on partners to improve ad network: Additions connect advertisers to measurement, ecommerce, shopper marketing, and adtech solutions.

Shopify sees a future in your inbox: The digital merchant platform invested $100 million into a company that focuses on email and SMS marketing.

CX is expensive but can be high reward: Oracle recently laid off employees as the ad outlook worsens, but there’s still plenty to be gained.

Computing falls back to earth: The cloud is growing, but some companies are migrating away to cut costs on AI training. More complex applications require a bigger toolbag of solutions.

In this video, Sam Ngo, director, product marketing at BlueConic, shares how technology brings personalization to life. Ngo, who is responsible for helping customers realize the potential in their first-party data, also shares examples of how famed beer brand Heineken USA approached its data management and analytics decisions. Ngo, who joined BlueConic after spending years at Forrester Research covering the social intelligence space, shows how marketers can achieve personalization to better give consumers the tailored experiences they expect. Watch the video above.

AWS vs. Microsoft + Google? Recent reports show Amazon still at the cloud helm, but Microsoft’s bold strategies could leverage Google’s weight while it shores up longer-term climate resilience.