Monese mulls over hopping on crypto bandwagon: If the UK-based neobank opts to offer crypto, it would become the latest challenger financial institution to do so—which could help it acquire customers and keep them engaged.

The banking giant will drop existing lines to simplify its product offerings—which could help its bid to shuck the federally mandated asset cap, but hurt retention by driving off impacted customers.

Starling wins 4 in banking awards: The UK-based neobank was No. 1 in four British Banking Award categories, including business banking—the latter accolade could fuel its push to acquire small and medium-sized business (SMB) clients.

Google’s Chrome Team stress-tested the digital ad world by announcing in early 2020 that the browser—the world’s most popular—would deprecate third-party cookies within two years. Vendors, publishers, agencies, and advertisers scrambled to understand what would take cookies’ place, and how they would identify and target their audiences without them. Google’s announcement in June 2021 that cookie deprecation would be delayed by almost two years has given marketers and their partners more time to test and integrate new solutions—but also a longer period of uncertainty.

China’s second-largest annual shopping festival broke records last month, generating more sales and attracting more brands than ever before. Held each year around June 18, the 618 promotional event is still smaller than Singles’ Day, but its rising scale reflects a growing appetite for a midyear alternative to the November ecommerce extravaganza.

Wellforce moves entire digital health ecosystem to AWS: The migration to the cloud for the Massachusetts health system includes its Epic EHR infrastructure—we break down what it means in the ongoing healthcare cloud battle among big tech firms.

Intermountain Healthcare is handing off its retail pharmacy operations to CVS after experiencing massive losses with the venture—a nod to how digital health transformation is inciting greater cross-pollination across the healthcare ecosystem.

Elderly care startup Avanlee launched a comprehensive app-based senior care solution—it’ll have to lean into its marketing strategy to take on goliaths like Best Buy.

Listening at home: Podcast listening behavior continues to remain altered by the lack of commuting and in-person office work. Marketers should be vigilant about how the return to work in some offices could affect broader media habits.

282 government agencies and private businesses formed a coalition to better respond to cyber attacks. NYC’s cyber coalition could serve as a template for other cities looking to bolster their defense against growing ransomware threats.

The group’s report claims the current 25 Mbps download speed minimum is insufficient to meet rising bandwidth needs. At the same time, much of the country’s population still lacks access to speeds even under the current minimum.

Business and leisure travelers have returned to what happens in Las Vegas, as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) welcomes visitors back with a new motto that touts the city’s innovative and experiential offerings. Watch Industry Voices: Spotlight on Travel with LVCVA’s Kate Wik, CMO, to learn how the destination marketer is managing visitors’ pent-up demand and shorter booking windows.

While doubling down on its embedded finance solution puts Younited Credit in competition with the likes of Klarna and Afterpay, the booming ecommerce market in France could also present a lucrative growth opportunity.

Disney+ approaches domestic saturation: But it's not alone in seeing slowing growth, as all major US streamers will struggle domestically in the coming years.